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Running Head: NURSING
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The paper deals with the case study of Mrs Peggy who is suffering from osteoarthritis in
knees. In response to her condition, a PICO question is designed. To address the question
database search is performed and the relevant articles are retrieved. The paper summarises the
relevance of the article search.
PICO question
In older women with osteoarthritis is fish oil an effective treatment option?
P- population- older women
I-Intervention- fish oil
C-Comparison- Who do not take fish oil
O-Outcome- effective treatment option
The above given PICO question is designed with the aim of comparing the effectiveness
of using fish oil in treating the osteoarthritis knee condition in older adults. The purpose of the
PICO is to facilitate search for addressing the developed PICO question that is directly relevant
to the concerned patient. It is an evidenced based practice of finding the best clinical literature
(O'Sullivan et al., 2013). If the literature review gives an evidence of efficacy of the intervention
in concern, then the patient can be recommended to take the fish oil as a mean of relieving
osteoarthritis knee pain.
The two databases that have been used for literature review and extraction of the relevant
article are MEDLINE and CINAHL.
MEDLINE is the US based database that is recognised as “premier bibliographic”
database. The database stands for “MEDical Literature Analysis and Retrieval System”. This
premiere database contains more than 24 million references to academic journals, newspaper,
magazines on the subject of medicine and life science. It is the primary content of PubMed. The
database provides consumer oriented health information as an NLM service. The health care
professionals prefer this database for its broad coverage (Rowe et al., 2017).
CINAHL stands for “Cumulative Index to Nursing & Allied Health Literature”. It
provides 2.3 million records that may be as old as of year 1981. The database provides more
than 3,000 journals and publications in English-language. The database covers information on
17 allied health disciplines, covers biomedicine, nursing, contemporary medicine and many
others. It not only allows to access the journal articles but also gives access to health care
books, selected conference proceedings, nursing dissertations, audiovisuals and educational
softwares (Wright et al. 2015). Both the databases offer comprehensive search mode with
automatic term mapping facility. However, for this purpose, CINAHL is selected due to personal
Search terms
Key words
Alternative words
P Osteoarthritis women,
arthritis elderly women,
knee osteoarthritis women,
knee pain
I Fish oil, fish oil pain relief,

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