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Nursing Assignment on Osteroarthritis

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Added on  2020-03-23

Nursing Assignment on Osteroarthritis

   Added on 2020-03-23

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Running head: NURSINGEnquiry in health careName of the student:Name of the university:Author note:
Nursing Assignment on Osteroarthritis_1
1NURSINGIntroductionThis assignment is a search strategy done to prove that the fish oil can be used as a treatment ofosteoarthritis. Fish oil is proved to be a good source of omega-3 fatty acids. It generally blocksthe inflammatory cytokines and prostaglandins. It is also used to prevent the rise of thetriglyceride level in blood and helps in protecting the patient against the heart diseases. It alsohelps to reduce the blood pressure (Felson & Bischoff-Ferrari, 2015). In this paper there is a briefdescription about a woman named Peggy. She is 65 year old and is suffering from degenerativeosteoarthritis in the knees. During a social gathering one of her friend told her that she can usefish oil for getting relief from pain. Due to acute pain she is suffering from agony ready to do useany type of medication but she wants a proof which supports the safety and effectiveness ofusing of fish oil.BodyPICO Question: Does fish oil is effective for the treatment of the degenerative osteoarthritisin a 65 year older women?Keywords search: arthritis; osteoarthritis; joint pain; rheumatoid arthritis; marine oil; fishoil; rheumatology; complementary medicineKeywords/search termsAlternative wordsPosteoarthritisJoint pain, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritisIFish oilMarine oil, marine fishCEffectivenessPatient satisfaction, drug effects,OmedicineRheumatology, treatment outcome
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2NURSINGThe best two databases that used to search for evidence are MEDLINE and CINAHL.According to CINAHL the databases shows the searches are:osteoarthritis (2,467)arthritis, rheumatoid (1,173)pain (350)fish oils (349)knee (186)arthritis, infectious (184)As shown in brackets these databases show many results as compared to other databases for thesearches, these databases are chosen for this study.ActionsSearch modeResultsLimiters/ ExpandersS1(MH “Knee Pain”) OR("Osteoarthritis, Knee") OR("Knee Joint")Boolean3029Abstract Available;Published Date:20120101-20171231;English Language; PeerReviewedS2(MH "Osteoarthritis,Knee/DI/ET/TH/RF")Boolean/Phrase453Expanders - Apply relatedwordsS3(MH "Osteoarthritis,Knee/CO/TH")Boolean/Phrase360Limiters - AbstractAvailable; PublishedDate: 20130101-20171231; EnglishLanguage; Peer ReviewedS4(MH “Fish Oils”)Boolean/Phrase271Limiters - AbstractAvailable; PublishedDate: 20100101-20171231; EnglishLanguage; Peer ReviewedS5(MH "Fish Oils/DE/TU")Boolean/Phrase75Expanders - Apply relatedwords
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