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Document Containing all Code and Screenshot the Slate Drop Box

Added on - 13 Sep 2019

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Case StudyPLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING NOTES CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU START:This case study is worth 20% of the course grade, and must be completed ingroups of 3 or less(No exception)You must submit a Word document containing all code and screenshot the SLATE drop box on orbeforebeginning of the second class, Week 13. All email submissions will be given the grade ofzero. All late submissions will also be given a grade of zero-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------In this case study, you and your team members are asked to design and implement the databasecomponent of a software system that could be used by a Registrar's Office of a College. The variousscreens of the systems are shown in the screen mockups in the Appendix below.More specifically, your tasks are:1.Create a full Entity Relationship Model describing the system2.Design all the necessary tables where all the relevant data can be efficiently stored3.Write all the SQL code to support the applicationPay attention to the following requirements:A course might be offered in multiple sections (Note that on the mockups, a Section is called a“Course Offering” – They are just synonyms).A course (eg DBAS27198) can be offerred in multiple sections (eg., 1145_24828, 1145_24123,etc.). Each section is associated with a specific semester (e.g. Fall 2013, Winter 2014), and aninstructor.Students are registered with a Section, never with a course.You must write the SQL code to create courses, sections, and add students to course.You must also write the SQL queries to pull the data from the various tables into the gridformats shown on the mockup pages. (Please note that you might have to join or sub-query yourtables together to produce the grids exactly as shown.)Please feel free to approach the instructor and clarify anything that is unclear about this case study.Remember to treat this case study as a learning challenge and not just a “burden” that you need to getover with. You will learn a lot of useful skills from this project if you treat it as a learning opportunity.
Have fun!Appendix: Screen Mockups
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