Case Study. Problem: 1. JITD was mainly developed to re

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Case Study
Problem: 1a.JITD was mainly developed to resolve the problems of stock outs issue which stains themanufacturing and logistics operations of Barilla.The benefits of Barilla includes the effective decision making related to delivery andimprovement in demand forecast in order to meet the needs and demands of consumers.The workload is distributed on the logistics system and manufacturing and distributioncentres inventories could be minimised. The drawbacks include the loss of incentive bythe sales workers due to the flat seat. The trade promotions are difficult to manage withJITD.b.The trade promotion will be difficult, and the bonus of sales workers will be eliminatedafter implementation.I will provide the opportunities for sales and personnel marketing which impacts on theprogram and provide the new way for sales and trade promotion.c.I will accept the program happily because the implementation of the program enables tosmooth out the effect of bullwhip effect and minimize the cost of inventory andwarehouse space.Problem: 2a.E-commerceThe stages of a supply chain can be improved through getting new ideas and customerdata which help to take the effective decision so that the optimised chain can bedeveloped. The advancement in technology alleviates the effect.b.Express deliveryIt reduced the lead time which reduces the variability in supply chain and enhancesthe effect.c.Collaborative ForecastsIt helps in attaining the supply chain's global optimisation which helps to alleviate theeffect.d.Everyday low pricingIt helps to attract a large number of customers which helps to estimate the demand by themanufacturer and it reduces the effect across the supply chain (Bozarth et al., 2016).e.Vendor managed inventoryIt helps to reduce the cost by knowing the estimated demand and mitigate the risk whichalleviates the bullwhip effect.f.Supply contractsIt helps in the long run for achieving the global optimisation which alleviates the effect.Problem: 3Advantages:
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