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Added on - 20 Sep 2019

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CERT Assessment ToolToday as we know that all the operations are being handled by information technologydepartment. The companies and organizations working on these platforms are well aware of thearising security issues. They have postulated different components to deal proactively with theseattacks that include prevention, direction, and response. Prevention methodology implements in-depth knowledge of security policies, a well-defined network system with the use of updated andmodern firewalls and multi-level authentication systems to limit hacking of confidentialinformation. CERT assessment tool only assesses the vulnerability of the network system,whereas the information system currently being used by companies depicts vulnerabilityassessment and penetration analysis. Using both these parameters will help to identify issueswithin the system, server, and database while checking and defining vulnerability will onlyhighlight the system loopholes. Their fundamental role is to develop various programs andsoftware's that comply with users and does not compromise the safety and security of theconfidential information. The more indulgence and relying on these information systems andchannels have drastically increased cyber-attacks, where some individuals or a group of personstry to hack these information systems to gain access to confidential public and governmentinformation that can disrupt the economy and routine life. Apart from these factors, the leak alsocompromises financial status and can endanger the life of human beings. These operations offera variety of roles in various segments that includes their potential in energy delivery, backupgenerators, linking railway and airport systems, etc. All these services were extended to thecommercial and public sector and are provided bythe CERT Assessment Tool that increasesSecurity Incident Responder's Ability to Assess Risk (Connell, 2013). As the tool links all themajor systems and domains and offers a wide variety of functions, a single bug in the server cancause all these domains to stop at a single time. All the information will be located in a single1
CERT Assessment Tooldatabase which will make the database more prone to cyber-attacks as the cyber bullies canextract information from a single database. Moreover, the company claims to have built a user-friendly software, which can give more access to individuals and loopholes. The access ofinformation will be made easier and to everyone. Conventional approach that does not allowsharing off blueprints with each other even in case of cyber-attacks, which can compromise theconfidentiality of the company and can be accessed later by any company but in comparison toCERT assessment tool that assesses probability of risk, that can be manipulated at any time andcan risk information without knowing the bug. The blueprints are handled by every company ontheir own but by outsourcing the security system responsibility to the third party by giving accessto their data can lead to several major failures. As the approach to building this software wasmotivated after the incident where several credit and debit cards were hacked. Theseredundancies can be removed by using secure authentication processes (HU, 2005) that involveuse of double authentication process, SIM toolkit and J2ME platforms. For using the digitalplatform, a security code is sent to the concerned person, who then enters and confirms that thetransaction is made by him. If all the transactions are based on these security protocols, there isno need of relying on these third party system to assess the risk. The use of this tool will createunnecessary ruckus not only to companies and different sectors but also among small users andwill create a vibe that their systems, accounts are prone to cyber-attacks at all times. This willtend to create instability and may experience withdrawal symptoms for using informationsystems. The next drawback associated with the use of CERT assessment tool is the forging ofcoordinates. If the coordinates are forged, it won't allow determining the risk associated with theattack. Giving access to the third party for maintaining information safety system will complywith legal procedures that again demands to share of data before the law and that information can2
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