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BUS2SUS, Challenges in Procuring and Practicing Sustainability | Essay

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Business Sustainability (BUS2SUS)


Added on  2020-02-18

BUS2SUS, Challenges in Procuring and Practicing Sustainability | Essay


Business Sustainability (BUS2SUS)

   Added on 2020-02-18

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Running head: SUSTAINABILITY CHALLENGES The Importance of System Thinking in Developing Solutions to Domestic ViolenceName of the StudentStudent ID:Name of UniversityAuthor Note
BUS2SUS, Challenges in Procuring and Practicing Sustainability | Essay_1
1SUSTAINABILITY CHALLENGESThe following essay tries to illustrate the identification of challenges in procuring andpracticing sustainability. With the identification of such challenges an effective tool is going tobe devised. The tool that has been taken into account for the implementation to overcome thechallenges of sustainability is system thinking. System thinking is associated with managementdiscipline that is channelized through the intelligibility of a system in an organisation that islinked with organisational or social environment of an individual (Perdicoúlis 2016). Throughsystem thinking an individual is carried through the process of human and non-human linkage.System thinking, in general, comprises of the entities such as policies, process, practice andpeople of an organisation. System thinking can be studied through two different perspectives-open and closed. The closed perspective of system thinking is the external boundaries of thethought process of an individual in relation to the system’s core process. On the contrary, theopen perspective is the links with the systems’ environment (Basile and Caputo 2017). In order to identify and overcome the challenges of sustainability in any discipline, thethought process needs to be developed as a corrugated process linking each fold of the processwith the problem found during the study of the sustainability. This essay is going to find out howeffective this would be for the specific findings of the entities of the challenges to sustainabilitywith special focus on domestic violence in Australia. According to the Family Law Act of 1975,domestic violence is “violent, threatening or other behavior by a person that coerces or controls amember of the person's family, or causes the family member to be fearful” ( The impact of domestic violence in the world of twenty first century is not just limited tophysical abuse alone but to sexual, emotional and mental abuse as well. Physical abuse, though,is the most common form of domestic violence; it includes a pattern of hitting, kicking, punchingand burning. Based on the research conducted in the recent years, it can be stated that one in
BUS2SUS, Challenges in Procuring and Practicing Sustainability | Essay_2
2SUSTAINABILITY CHALLENGESthree Australian women has experienced domestic violence, since the age of fifteen. Domesticviolence is one of the direst issues one faces today, because of its impact and consequences likefamily dysfunction, depression and self-conscious. Addressing the challenge of domesticviolence requires the social beings to act and be educated so that such wicked problem is foughtagainst. Social beings as individuals, households, schools and community groups ought takensuch issue as a derogatory one and the overcoming factor of the issue needs to be considered asan obligation. There has been little research directed at understanding why intervention strategieswith perpetrators are only minimally effective. A systems approach encourages the explorationof the relationships between social, environmental and economic interactions. This essay aims toportray a System thinking method, which will be quite effective method to deal with domesticviolence, which will provide us an overall strategy that can be available to handling the issuesand sectors of domestic violence. The worst victims to the domestic violence in any society are the women. The followingstatistical graph clearly demonstrates a comparative study that shows how women are victimizedto the domestic violence in the country:
BUS2SUS, Challenges in Procuring and Practicing Sustainability | Essay_3
3SUSTAINABILITY CHALLENGESFig 1: Victims to Domestic Violence: a Gender based ComparisonSource: ( 2017)The aforementioned diagram succinctly shows that there have been 1,479,900 femalepartners in relationship who have been shattered by continuous domestic violence. In thiscontext, it can be stated that females in comparison to the males are highly perpetrated to theforce of domestic violence such as mental and physical trauma and torture. S one of the mostheinous practice in domestic level has been non- consensual intimacy that can also be treated asphysical molestation of the women. However, domestic violence to the male counterpart cannotbe neglected. Intimate partners’ violence remains at the apex of its position in different modes.According to an article by ABC News, Australia, 1 out of 4 women faces intimate violence indomestic level from the age of 15. This might comprise of sexual or other psychologicalviolence ( 2017). Many of the research works have found and considered domestic violence to be a strongbarrier to sustaining the works in social and organisational level. According to the Bureau ofCrime Statistics, 6% of the Australian women aged from 18 are assaulted- both physically and
BUS2SUS, Challenges in Procuring and Practicing Sustainability | Essay_4

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