Change Management in Organization

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“Change Management in organization”In the global business environment, the business process faces numerous ethical issues whichthey need to correct with their business activities. It is the responsibility of the organization todevelop certain code of ethics that every member connected to the organization shall follow andput them in their daily activities. Fundamental issues of ethics include integrity and trust and thecomplex issues of ethics include decision making process, accommodating diversity, complianceand governance etc. The fact shall be taken into account that all organizations face the ethicaldilemma in today's world, and handling such problem with solidarity is very important for theorganization; because it will help the organization to gain the trust of employees and customersof the organization (Bogers, & West 2012). Further the essay provides a brief overview of theethical issues and implications in an organization, primary targets of change management, reasonor this change and various theories which adequately defines the process of change in anorganization. Further details about the task are discussed below:There are many aspects which shall be considered by the organization while deciding the changemanagement process in an organization. As change is not restricted to a part of the organization,but its effects are spread on whole functionalities of the organization. Thus, the fact is be knownthat all the organization shall understand, analyses and then apply the change process in theorganization while looking at all the important factors which can neutralize the change in theorganization (By, Burnes, & Oswick 2011). Further the factor which affects change in anorganization can be segregated into two parts that is internal factors and external factors. Theinternal factors are those which are present in the internal environment of the organization andaffect in working of the organization whereas external are those key consideration which arepresent in the external environment of the organization and initiate change or affect changes in
an organization. Talking about competition, it is one of the most important factors which shall beevaluated by the organization in order to initialize change management. The entrance newcompetitors in the market cause change in the marketing strategy of the organization. Thisprocess initiate change in the organization and it also affect the change strategy of themanagement as well (Carter, et. al., 2013).Another important aspect which shall be considered in technology, it is the major factor whichacts as a reason for change in any management. All organizations want to innovation along withtechnology, due to which they need to upgrade themselves with new and efficient technology soas to maintain their competitive edge in the target market. The third major aspect which shall beconsidered while looking at the change management process in an organization is thegovernment regulations. Change in government regulations changes the working of the wholeindustry. Thus it is important to consider the government regulation and analyze its effect on theorganization and then initialize the change management process (Coghlan, Rashford, & deFigueiredo 2015).After analyzing the key consideration aspects the organization shall gather information whichcan assist them to complete their target and implement changes in the organization. Datagathering is a mandatory process, because if the organization will have adequate knowledgeabout the changes in the environment and way in which they change implement change. Then thechange process cannot hold its effect in the organization (Hayes 2014). In-person conversation,surveys, mails etc. are some of the ways with which the management can attain informationregarding the change which they want to initiate in the organization. Personal discussion andquestionnaire are some of the ways which can provide accurate data to organization. This data
can help them to target the articular segment in the organization implement change in them(Hornstein 2015).The next step is the identification of the primary target of the change management process in theorganization these targets are those groups of people for whom the change management processis defined in the organization. The organization target them to and implements activities in sucha way that change is implemented in the organization. The identification of such target isimportant for the organization, as on the basis of these targets only the management will preparethe change plan in the organization. Also, the success of the plan is also evaluated throughtargets only. As if there is change in the plan then the plan has shown positive results otherwisevice versa (Burke 2017). Also the accuracy of target is also important for the accomplishment ofthe plan defined. Suppose if the management is aiming to initiate innovative technology use inthe product of the organization and they are aiming the wrong target to analyze the result of theplan, then the change cannot work effectively. As the management will develop the in such away that it affects the target and initiate change in them but the aim of the organizationsomething different and plan is going in the wrong direction. Thus in this way, the organizationwon't be able to meet the change according to their expectation due to selection of wrong targets.Thus it shall be noted that selection of the target is an important aspect of the process of change.And this of the wrong target will initiate failure of whole change plan of organization. So,mistake in the planning and executive process of change management is applicable but mistakein the selection of accurate target shall be avoided by the organization (Creasey, et. al., 2016).Resistance is a normal aspect of the process of change in an organization, it shall be consideredthat human nature when someone introduces to change in the organization; on the initial level allthe employees denies to this change and look at this is a negative way. One of the major aspects
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