Assignment on Child Abuse and Neglect

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RESEARCH PROPOSALTITLE“Child abuse and neglect”Background of the studyChild abuse can be explained as abnormal behaviour of others against the children whichhurts and them and develop sense of fear in the mind of kids (Child neglect, 2005). Statisticsshow that in the year 2006 905000 children in US have suffered from sexual, physical abuse andchild neglect. Maltreatment of child has become the burning issues in the United State (Youngand Widom, 2014). As per the report of 2007, 59% children of US have found victim of abuseand neglect. Even 20% kids those who were medically neglected they were younger tan 1 year.Abuse and neglect not only impact physically but it affects mental status of victim to great extent(Nemeroff, 2016). Illustration 1: Statistics records of child abuse of 2010Source: (Child neglect, 2005)Present study will discuss impact of abusing and neglect on children. Furthermore, it willexplain factors that contribute to child abuse and neglect. In addition, it will define types of childcases in which kids have to suffer from maltreatment and will explain intervention strategies thatcan prevent child from such type of issues. 1

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