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Child Sexual Abuse1
ESSAYINTRODUCTIONSexual abuse can be defined as unwanted sexual activity in which person use forcesregarding the subject. These kinds of activities are considered as threat making activity to thevictim. There are number of symptoms of sexual abuse which can be classified as shock, fear,stress and mental disorder (Bahr, 2014). In this report the learning will focus on study of diverseissues regarding health promotion and young people in HIV prevention. It will also focus onfactors which can influence the culture and religion of nation. Furthermore, it will also provideinformation about various legislation and professional accountability which relates to the sexualabuse or health promotion.BACKGROUNDSexual health promotion is all about creating awareness among people regarding sexualand reproductive health. It can also be refereed as activity to promote the healthy life style andreduce the issues in context of reproductive health. In the respect of study it can be said thatsexual health promotion is one of significant subject in current situations. As per the report ofWHO, 40 million people of world is affected by AIDS (DiClemente, 2009). Moreover, it has alsobeen spotted in the report that every day 14000 new persons are spotted as HIV infected person.The ratio is increasing day by day which is impacting the health conditions of people so in orderto understand the key factors and identify the ways to reduce the sexual health issues the currentstudy is essential (Hemingway, 2014).MAIN BODYTheoretical viewNumber of young age HIV infected person is high in current scenario and it has beenspotted that the theories which have focus on the psychological process can impact the sexualbehaviour of young age person. These kinds of theories focuses on the attitudes, belief and othersocial factors. Social relationships have great influence on the behaviour of person. In thesupport of this, it can be said that the theory of planned behaviour also have great impact on theactivities if young age group (Meeks, 2014). It is considered as a interrelated approach whichfocuses on cognitive factors in order to explain the individual behaviour which clearly indicatesthe attitude and beliefs. Other than this, the theory of reason action is also one of significantaspect and it also influences the sexual behaviour of individual.Page |2
Other than this, intention is also considered as one of most critical factor in sexualbehaviour of individual. In other aspect, intention is an result of the combination of attitudetowards behaviour. Moreover the evaluation of expected outcome also influences the sexualbehaviour of person in diverse manner (Tweedy, 2014). In the support of this, it can be said thatthe health belief model also have some influences on the human behaviour. The perception ofperson towards health and sexual health factors also plays a significant role in human behaviour.In the support of above statement it can be said that other than social perception there aresome more factors which can influence the sexual behaviour of individual. Age factor also playsa key role in this section (CAPT,2015). It has been spotted that the young age group is moreattracted towards sexual activities due to development of Harmon. During the age of 14-24people mostly have development of harmon which changes the individual sexual behaviour aswell. Other than this, normative beliefs also plays a key role in individual behaviour. Moreover,the social behaviour and perception also influences the individual behaviour (Department ofEducation,2015). For example, a college students were discussing about the sexual activities.These kinds of social discussion in society can also influence the sexual behaviour and may tickyoung age individual.Furthermore, the individual psychological process also impacts the individual behaviourand interactive relationship of behaviour with the social and cultural dimensions can alsoinfluences the individual sexual behaviour. Moreover, the improper knowledge about the risk andother factors can also influence the behaviour of individual. Communication way between tworelations can also influence the individual sexual behaviour (Howard, 2000). Other than this, theattraction towards commercial sexual activities also have some negative impact on the sexualbehaviour of individual. Lack of sexual activities knowledge also mislead the young age peopleand lead to various sexual health issues like HIV, etc.Health PromotionIn the support of this, it can be said that the health belief model is introduced in year1950. As per the structured study of this model it can be said that the health behaviour is allabout activity which indicates the individual socio-demographic factors, knowledge andattitudes. In order to have better health promotion the person must follow the guidelines of healthbelief model. This model includes some actions which can change the behaviour of individual byaffecting their personal beliefs (Potter, 2009). In order to have change in behaviour of person it isPage |3
necessary to focus on symptoms of HIV and risk factors associated with it. By providing correctinformation regarding HIV and risk factors the behaviour of can be influenced in positivemanner and health conditions can be improved in better way (Zaidman-Zait, 2008). Moreover,the discussions regarding use of condom and sexual relations can also influence the socialperception of individual. These kinds of activities are also beneficial for better promotion ofhealth conditions.Other than this, health belief model is also taken into account as a cognitive model whichindicates that the behaviour can be impacted by focusing on number of beliefs. In the support ofthis, it can be stated that few constructions of is consisted of self efficacy concept. These kinds ofbeliefs are referred as a cues to actions which devices the actual adaptation of behaviour(Bodenmann, 2006). In order to have better accomplishment of health promotion two kinds ofbeliefs can be considered. In this respect, it can be said that in order to have changes in behaviourthe people must personally feel vulnerable in context of health treat. Moreover, the perceptionregarding possible consequences must considered as positive actions which can prevent fromHIV and reduce the risk associated with it (Baldwin, 2008).Page |4