Cloud Computing: Overview, Strengths, Weaknesses, and Challenges


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Cloud Computing

Mobile cloud computing is well-defined as
a modern tool for smartphone facilities and
it enable cloud based services into various
smart phones [1]. It is s computer resource
which provide a backup plan to consumers
and rapid progress of cloud computing
become a powerful trend in the arena of
information technology. The main goal of
this report is to recognize the fundamental
concept of cloud computing and their
advantages and disadvantages [2].
However, this type of technology faced
different challenges for example,
bandwidth issue, server issue, and security
problem. Cloud computing is an modern
and next generation of commuting
Infrastructure and it provide infrastructure
services to their consumers like servers,
networks and storage elements. According
to the research article, the use of mobile
cloud computing is increasing very fast
because it improves the bandwidth and
size of storage. This research paper
delivers a survey of mobile cloud
technology which can help to gather
knowledge in the field of the cloud. This
report explained overview of cloud
computing technology and challenges
faced by cloud based services. There are
many organizations which are providing
this type of services for example, Google,
Amazon, and sales force at very low price
by which many users can adopt this system
Overview of cloud computing
The term cloud computing is latest
innovation in the sector of processor
science and many mobile communities re
providing this prepress in smart phones. It
is an attracting option for business
industries which can reduce the running
cost of any mobile application. MCC is
defined as mobile cloud computing
process which is a part of infrastructure
system where documents storing and data
dispensation both processes are done
outside the mobile phone [4]. It is a new
platform to produce more effective
processing system outside the mobile and
many organizations uses this technology as
a backup plan. It is used to deliver
different types of services such as storage,
database system, networking, and
software. The main advantage of this
technology is that bit is more flexible
rather that other computer networks [5].
There are main three types of cloud
computing used for example, public, and
private and hybrid. Public types of clouds
are operated by third party services
providers that transfer their computer
networks and resources over the internet.

Microsoft Azure and amazon web services
both are best example of public cloud
system and in which all software’s,
hardware’s, and other infrastructure
services are controlled and monitored by
third party sellers. Private clouds are
defined as computing resources which are
used by a single organization or business
industry. Some of organization also pays
to third party sellers to host their private
cloud computing technology and it is a
network in which both infrastructure and
services are controllers by using a private
network [6]. Hybrid cloud is a mixture of
private and public which is sued to share
data or information from one device to
another. In mobile cloud computing
strategies are linked to various networks
with the help of base station and data links.
There are main four layers used in cloud
computing for example, software as a
service, platform as a service,
infrastructure as a service and data centres.
Data centre layer
The main persistence of this layer is to
provide the infrastructure and hardware
facility for cloud computing. In which a
large amounts of headwaiters are
interconnected with high-speed data
systems to deliver various facilities.
IaaS layer
It is defined as infrastructure as a service
which is constructed on highest of data
centre and it enable the provision of data
storage, servers, networking equipment’s
and various hardware’s [8]. In which
clients pays according to their ability and
third party sellers provide this type of
services to consumers. Amazon elastic
cloud computing and simple storage
services bath are very best example of
PaaS layer
It is a platform as a service that delivers
modern assimilated services for testing and
organizing user interface applications.
There are few examples of this network
layer such as Google App engine, Amazon
web services and Map reduce and
Microsoft Azure [7].
SaaS layer
Software as a Service underpins a product
dispersion with specific provisions. In this
layer, the customers can get to a
solicitation and data remotely over the
Internet. Microsoft's Live Mesh
additionally permits sharing records and
envelopes over various gadgets at the same

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