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COIT20249 Cloud Computing Based Forensic Analysis

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Professional Skills (COIT20249)


Added on  2020-02-24

COIT20249 Cloud Computing Based Forensic Analysis


Professional Skills (COIT20249)

   Added on 2020-02-24

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Running head: ANNOTED BIBLIOGRAPHYProfessional Skills Development[Annoted Bibliography]Name of the student:Name of the university:Author note:
COIT20249 Cloud Computing Based Forensic Analysis_1
1ANNOTED BIBLIOGRAPHY1) Manshaei, M. H., Zhu, Q., Alpcan, T., Bacşar, T., & Hubaux, J. P. (2013). Gametheory meets network security and privacy.ACM Computing Surveys (CSUR),45(3), 25. Authors have expressed their deep thoughts on the existing scenario of security and privacy,which is being brought into danger because of the advent of numerous technologies andcomputer applications. The increasing demand of contemporary business have attracted manysoftware-developing companies to bring newest and updated version of different software inthe market. An evident transition from manual works to computerised works has beenobserved in many companies in particular the multinational companies. In order to becompetitive such companies look for various new opportunities in the form of software.Different multinational companies for an example use Enterprise Resource planning (ERP)system to increase their efficiency level in various important works such as sales andaccounting related works. ERP provide multitasking capabilities to such companies; however,it also has some security related threats, which the authors have felt with all most computerapplication nowadays. Software developer can easily access to “soft coded” region wherethey can make unwanted changes, which may also be a fatal for the organisationalperformance. 2) Chen, Z., Han, F., Cao, J., Jiang, X., & Chen, S. (2013). Cloud computing-basedforensic analysis for collaborative network security management system.Tsinghuascience and technology,18(1), 40-50.The use of internet has increased to a new level in nowadays. The advent of e-commerce hasenhanced the use of internet to a next level. However, security related issues have now alsobecome common with such advents. The use of e-commerce for various business purposeshas enhanced the business success and the standard of customer service. However, on theother hand, it has also become a threatening platform for security related facts. Manycustomers do not even know that their important information might land into corruptedhands. Different malicious software is being prepared either to corrupt the data stored in thesystem or to collect the data of customers without giving any prior intimation to the customer.Software developing companies now have enhanced work demands, which include findingsolution for the identified threat. Such software developing companies have now developedcloud based security system, which would collect necessary data on the suspicious threat by
COIT20249 Cloud Computing Based Forensic Analysis_2
2ANNOTED BIBLIOGRAPHYauctioning remotely from other end. Suspicious threats can now easily be traced withcomparatively faster speed.3) He, X., Chomsiri, T., Nanda, P., & Tan, Z. (2014). Improving cloud network securityusing the Tree-Rule firewall.Future generation computer systems,30, 116-126.The firewall security used in the cloud security system was inefficient in mitigating the effectof threats on a large network. This is because of such reason the developing companies havenow produced Tree-Rule firewall, which would be comparatively more secured than theexisting firewall system. The latest firewall security has been tested by applying this on theLinux platform. The arrangement was tested on a regular network. The test has shown thevalidity of the new software. The newly launched platform offered enhanced security and thesame has offered an improved functional speed than its predecessor. Additionally, it is easy tobe created as well. This can be easily configured within the system without much hassle.Such speciality is more valid at some larger network such as the cloud network. 4) Inukollu, V. N., Arsi, S., & Ravuri, S. R. (2014). Security issues associated with bigdata in cloud computing.International Journal of Network Security & ItsApplications,6(3), 45.Authors have argued that cloud computing is associated with many other issues andchallenges as well. One of such issues is related with the Big Data, which is now largely usedby different SMEs, multinational companies and industries. With the help of Big Data,different kinds of companies have enhanced their competitive skills at a larger speed. Thesesoftware applications have now become a huge resource to enhance the competitiveness. Toaddress this issue, software-developing companies have now become involved in developingsolutions at rapid speed. This has also produced competition in between different companiesthat develops the different software. Big Data tool has a very important role in the outputperformance of cloud computing. With the help of Big Data, Cloud Computing providessolutions for security, data protection and related infrastructure. Nevertheless, cloudcomputing with the help of big data has constructed the probability to create promisingfeature in science.
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