Common Assessment Project and Peer Reviews.

Added on - 18 Sep 2019

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Running Head: COMMON ASSESSMENT PROJECT AND PEER REVIEWS 1Common Assessment Project and Peer ReviewsName of the Student:Name of the University:Course Number:
COMMON ASSESSMENT PROJECT AND PEER REVIEWS2Research 1In this research, the usage of social theory throughout and within the healthcare industryhas been highlighted. The main strengths of using qualitative research in the study are as follows:All topics and the problems are completely covered throughout the research in a detailed manner,in this study also helped to interpret the social processes and potentially explained the findingsalso. On the contrary, some of the major weaknesses for performing this research are as follows:The data that is collected in the study is limited in a small group as the assumptions cannot bemade beyond that, and it has been also observed that as the data is quite big in quantity so theinterpretation also takes a lot of time (Meyer and Ward, 2014).In case of the validity of qualitative research, the major challenge starts from theepistemology and ontology with regards to the issues that are being studied. Furthermore, forenhancing the validity different methods were adopted.Research 2In this specific article quantitative research method has been considered for performingthis entire study. It has been observed that quantitative research also plays a vital role in thehealthcare segment. The main strengths of this research are: it provides almost accuratenumerical, statistical and mathematical results, and it also seeks to answers for the questions ofwhy, how, where, who and when (Leung, 2015). The major weaknesses of performing thisresearch are: The knowledge produced by this method can be quite general and abstract for directapplication to the particular local situations and individuals.
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