Communication and Negotiation


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Communication and Negotiation
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Scenario 1
The given scenario reflects a conflict which has arose due to the difference in race and
culture. Conflict takes place when there is a strong difference or clash of values, intentions or
interests in groups, organizations, communities or among individuals. The reason behind conflict
is the failure to meet with the basic needs or when there is any interference or obstruction in the
attainment of a goal. Conflict is directly proportional to interaction in the life of human beings.
Conflict is a common part of workplace just like the given situation. In this scenario, the
outcome of workplace conflict resulted in absenteeism. In order to deal with the conflict, the
certainty of conflict should be accepted (Blok 2014). It is not a wise decision to avoid conflict
but it is important to stay calm and cool and maintain the moral ground. As a mediator, it is
essential to resolve the conflict between the two colleagues rather than winning the situation. It is
an absolute necessity to remove the emotional reasons in a conflict. The techniques include
appealing to the super ordinate goals and expansion of the available resources. Altering the
human variables and physical environment is regarded as another essential factor besides using
integrated devices. One must change the reward systems by using the policies and procedures
and having proper training in interpersonal skills. By applying this technique the relationship and
bond between the co- workers will become stronger which will result in increasing self- respect.
Being a mediator, it is important to keep the issue of cultural and racial difference in mind which
will lead to their personal growth and development. Once the conflict will be resolved, the
efficiency and effectiveness in workplace will increase which will result in creative thinking,
synergy and successful collaboration. In this particular situation, one of the colleague involved in
the conflict tried to satisfy his own interests at other’s expense (Chaney and Martin 2013).

To handle this situation, the mediator must follow the five strategies of negotiation
process- preparation and planning, definition of ground rules, clarification and justification,
bargaining and problem solving and closure and implementation. Preparation and planning refers
to the awareness about the conflict before starting negotiation. It involves the history of the
people involved and what do they perceive about the negotiation of the conflict. When the first
step is completed, the role of the mediator is to start defining the basic rules and policies with the
opponent party who is involved in negotiation. The place, time, limitation of issues, will be
discussed along with the specific process that will be followed while negotiating. This process
will also involve the primary proposals and demands of the two parties involved. The third step
includes elucidation, intensification, rationalization, encouragement and validation of their
individual demands (Clements 2015). It involves confrontation from both the ends. It can be
considered as an opportunity to teach and inform and give a lesson to each other on the important
issues and they came to the original demands. This step can be supported by giving authentic
documentation to another party. Negotiation process gains full momentum with the give and take
process to sort out the argument by means of a proper bargain. Here comes the process of
concession that is done by both the parties. The process of negotiation is summed up by
formalizing the agreement that has been made and developed with the essential procedures of
execution and monitoring. In the case of major negotiations, formal contract must be made to
keep the specific points in mind. All the steps of this negotiation process take into account the
parties by bargaining in an orderly way to settle on the allotment of narrow resources and
maintain each other’s concern. By negotiating the process of given conflict between the two
colleague, they will be able to give their best as a team like they used to do before. She will be
able to relieve of her stress and become a regular employee as usual (Clohisy, Yaszemski and

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