Assignment On Communication Problems

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Running head: COMMUNICATIONCommunicationName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
1COMMUNICATIONIntroductionThe following paper discusses on the various aspects of the communication problems thatare faced when one communicates with the people different form one’s own culture. Culture is aphenomenon that is present all over the world and has a huge impact on the minds of the peopleacross the world. In these days, the businesses are expanding and the scope for working outsideone’s own country is constantly increasing. This reflects the fact that people have to go outsidetheir countries to do their work and when they meet the native people of that place, they have tomix with their culture. The chosen culture for this paper is the American culture that focusesmostly on the aspect of individualism that has a stark contrast with that of the individualism thatis followed in the Asian countries. This has to be discussed by argument in comparing with thecontrasted culture.Cross-cultural communicationThe global companies are expanding their markets all over the world so it is extremelyimportant for them to apply the cross-cultural communication in their companies (Carbaugh2013). This has become a subject of the strategic importance. There are various sorts ofcommunication procedures in this modern era. Due to the advancements in technology, someimportant communication technologies have been invented apart from verbal communication.These are noted to be the online communication processes by using the internet (Carbaugh2013). Almost every company has a diverse workforce these days so they must develop a cross-cultural communication tools for their employees. This gives them the opportunities to see, speakand observe how the people from different cultures communicate in this modern businessenvironment (Cavusgil et al. 2014).
2COMMUNICATIONIn an organization where the cross-cultural communication has been developed, it reflectsthe fact that they have to deal with diverse business customs, beliefs and communicationstrategies. These kinds of communication strategies involve language differences, high and lowcontext cultures, nonverbal differences and power distance effects (Mennen, Schaeffler andDocherty 2012). When a person from an Asian country like Japan flies to America for fixingsome business deals, he has to deal with people who do not understand their language nor dothey have any similarity with the culture that they follow. He is definitely not accustomed withthe cultural norms in America. This is why he may face various problems in dealing with them.High and Low context culturesThe importance of the high and low context cultures is very important because thisinterprets the thoughts, reactions and behaviors of the employees in different contrasting cultures(Croucher et al. 2012). High and low context business cultures are completely different in theirapproach. The high context businesses are generally the ones that build on trust. Trust is the mostimportant part in this culture and this is followed generally in Middle East, Asian and Africancountries. The business communication strategies in the high context culture is very muchcollectivist in nature and thrives for interpersonal relationships between the employees (Chaneyand Martin 2013). The employees belonging to this sort of culture want to meet andcommunicate with the persons they are making the business deals with. Then there are betterchances of the effective decision making.The people indulging in the low context business cultures belong to the American andEuropean business backgrounds and they are motivated by the individualistic approach. Thebusiness dealings are direct in this culture (DeVito 2015).

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