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Portfolio can be referred to as the combination of a student’s academic works and other
forms of educational evidences with an aim to review the quality of coursework, learning &
development progress and academic performance (Flores, Kleyn and Menken, 2015). It assists in
ascertaining whether students have fulfilled the criteria of learning standards, grade promotions,
graduation or not. The following paper is a reflective account of a student in which one
communicates the learnings of university as well as the skills acquired during the coursework.
During my tenure at university, I made use of a number of skills, some of which were
inherited and some were acquired during the coursework with the lectures given by my tutors. In
this regard, these skills and the way they helped me during my academic life at university are
given below:-
Communication Skills
Communication skill refers to ability of person which is used by them to give or receive
information with one another. It basically includes speaking, observing, listening and
empathizing. At the time of college lectures, I have learnt that effective communication skill is
not only helpful in personal life but it also helps in academic life. During weekly session, I have
realised that communication skill is basically of three types that is oral, written and visual. All of
these sessions will further help me improving my academic grades. In addition to this, it will also
help enhancing chances of getting better future career growth.
Illustration 1: Communication Skills
Presentation Skills
Presentation skills are considered as capability of individual in which they engage
targeted audience for favourable time by influencing their interest towards the chosen topic. The
specific area of skill involves slides, body language, speaking way, tone, voice etc. At the
starting time of my college days, it has been realised by me that my presentation skill were not
effective as I was not able to influence audience to focus on presentation. But, after attending
class room session in week I got to know certain tips like eye contact, attractive slides, soft
speaking skills, body language etc. that have been delivered by teacher for its remarkable
improvement. It can be said that further improved presentation skills will help me out in
delivering better presentation in my academic zone which would ultimately contribute in scoring
higher marks in speaking zone.
Illustration 2: Presentation Skills

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