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Article Community Cultural Development Assignment

Added on - 20 Sep 2019

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Community Cultural Development for Social Change: Developing Critical Praxis byChristopher C. Sonn and Amy F. Quayle Melbourne.This article describes the program of work which facilitates the community cultural developmentagency using the community arts practice for creating, promoting and improving theopportunities for network development, participation and empowerment of the rural WesternAustralian communities. The program of work has been presented within the broader systematicefforts which were aimed towards the social changed in the region of Western Australia.Therefore, the paper reflects the commitment towards challenging the continuing socialexclusion of Aboriginal people in postcolonizing Australia. Further the paper has criticallyhighlighted the key concepts of power, empowerment, and participation and situated knowingwhile examining the cultural development as one of their participatory methodology. The paperhas also argued on the community cultural development practice which was aimed towardstransformative and instrumental outcomes.The paper has critically decided on the aboriginal and non-Indigenous community whichincludes the local government and critical community cultural development. The paper presentsthat the translation is challenging in nature due to the sensitive topics associated with racism,race and whiteness. It has critically drawn on the references from the whiteness studies andconfronts on the issue without pointing fingers on the individual racists. In order to change thesocial imagination, Community Arts Network Western Australia has also been seen to supportthe Aboriginal individuals and communities using the participatory methodologies along withrecognizing the need for transforming the broader social structures, discourse, ideologiesperpetuating the inequalities and the social changes and thus is seen to contribute towards thecontinuity of coloniality.
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