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Running head: COMMUNITY SERVICE IN AUSTRALIACOMMUNITY SERVICE IN AUSTRALIAName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor note
1COMMUNITY SERVICE IN AUSTRALIACommunity service can be defined as a type of work done by an individual or a teamof individuals for the well-being of other people. Community service can offer help andassistance to any person or group including the physically or mentally handicapped people,adolescents and retired people (Jenson & Fraser, 2011). In addition to this, communityservice organizations also help the distressed animals and birds. In some cases, communityservice organizations also perform civic duties, such as renovating buildings of historicimportance or cleaning up local recreation grounds and others. Though, the concept ofCommunity service organizations originated in the west, at present, it can be found in most ofthe countries in the world (Vinson, 2009). This essay outlines the fact to elaborate on theconception of the community service organizations in Australia and the various factorsrelated to the ethos, professional values, social justice, social barriers and theoreticalapproaches of the community service organizations in Australia.The community service sector in Australia does not have a proper historical set uplike the French or the Canadian community service sector. This is because it had originated atthe time of the beginning of the social revolutionary movements in the late nineteenthcentury. Later, community service sector in Australia evolved around the social rehabilitationof the people belonging to the Aboriginal community in Australia (Purdie, Dudgeon &Walker, 2010).Community service sector in Australia encompasses a broad group oforganizations. The types of community service organizations in Australia are:Community service organizations, that serves the people, residing in the localcommunity. Examples are sporting organizations, cooperatives society andothers.Community service organizations, which are funded financially, to carry outcertain activities. Examples are the domestic violence organizations, childcareorganizations and the drug rehabilitation organizations.
2COMMUNITY SERVICE IN AUSTRALIACommunity service organizations that perform communal activities such asreligious groups, labor unions and environmental watch groups.In Australia, there are both non-governmental community service organizations aswell as governmental community service organizations. The governmental communityservice organizations are the community service organizations, which have been establishedby an act or the charter of the government. The government oversees and supervises theoperations of the organization through their appointed people. These community serviceorganizations are also financially funded by the government (Flatau, 2013). They provideservices which such as providing accommodation and financial assistance and others.Examples are Aboriginal Hostels Limited and National Disability Insurance Scheme. Thenon-governmental organizations are the community service organizations that have beenestablished by the initiative of an individual or a group of individuals with the goal of socialwelfare in mind. These community service organizations receive funding from thecontributions of the public, business magnates, corporate houses and others. They provideservices such as rehabilitation, social protection and counseling. Examples are HomelessnessNSW and Foster Parent’s Support Network.There are certain ethos and practices for workers in the Australian human serviceprofessions. They are providing good service and social justice to the clients. Clients arepeople who are in deep need of communal service assistance. The human service workersmust respect the self-esteem and honor of the clients. The workers must understand and valuethe harmony of human kinship. The workers themselves must be person of respectfulintegrity and nature. The workers must be proficient enough to deliver competent work. Thegeneric knowledge and skills required by most human service workers in Australia areempathy, emotional intelligence, good communication, setting boundaries between personaland professional sphere, mental strength and determination and last, but not the least, the art
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