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COMP247 PracticalPractical 2BCOMP247 Data Communications Laboratory Practical 2B IPYour Name:Your Student ID: Documentation Task 1. 1.Examine one of the ICMP messages. For its IP part match the fields to thoselisted in the IP lecture. Some fields have different labels. List thecorrespondence between these.FieldSize (bits)Wireshark TerminologyVersion Number4SameHeader Length4Type of Service8Total Length16Idenfifiers16Flags3Packet Offset13Hop Limit8Protocol8CRC16Source Address32Destination Address32Options321.2.List the details from the ICMP messages of your ping attempt:IP source address: IP destination address:TTL field:Protocol field:Type field of the ping (echo) request:Type field of the ping (echo) response:

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