Competency Demonstration Report (CDR).

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CompetencyDemonstration Report(CDR) Career Episode 3
CE 3.1: Project IntroductionName of the Project: Design and construction of over voltage and undervoltage protective deviceGeographical Location: [Please Fill]Project Duration: [Please Fill]Organization: [Please Fill]Position in the Project : Team Leader CE 3.2. Project BackgroundCE 3.2.1: Characteristics of the ProjectThe development of the auto cut off circuit has allowed in the implementation of variousequipments including transistors. The integration of the auto cut off circuit has allowed to protectthe loads of various heavy electrical devices including TV and refrigerators. Further, I havelearned that the integration of the auto cutoff circuit has provided protection from both the underand over line voltages. Furthermore, these circuits can be utilized for as the vital circuit betweenthe load and supply as the manual or automatic stabilizer. Therefore, I undertook the project forthe design and development of over and under voltage protection circuit with reliable and lowcost time delay characteristics that helps in protecting the electrical devices from surges. I haveevaluated, build and designed the circuit that could be used in the home devices including homedevices including refrigerator. Page 1 of 10
CE 3.2.2: Objectives developed for projectIn this project, I have developed my significant aim to design a on-time delay circuit forproviding protection against the switching surge and over and under voltage. Further, I havefabricated the circuit design in with the various electrical equipments including Tv andrefrigerator than can be used as home appliances. In addition to that I have also focused onimplementing the circuit as standalone between the load and supply. Apart from that, for thesuccessful development of the system, I have developed the detailed objectives for the proectcompletion within deadline:To determine the working principal for over voltage and under voltage protectivedevice;To identify the major components required for the implementation of the voltageprotective devices;To evaluate and understand the working principals and operation of the variouselectrical components;To design the circuit for protecting the devices against voltage surges;To implement the hardware design and components required for the design of theprotection devices;CE 3.2.3: My area of workI have worked as a team leader for the proper implementation and design of the voltageprotector. I have selected and determined the appropriate components required for theimplementation of the voltage protector system. In order to develop the working principle andconnectivity among the different elements, I have selected relay, transistors, zener diode,potentiometer, NE555N timer, capacitors, diode and one transformer. Page 2 of 10

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