Competitive Landscape.

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Competitive Landscape Major Rivals (Investopedia,2019)The primary rivals of Whole Foods are Sprouts Farmers Markets (SFM) and Trader Joe's. However, Whole Foods ' long-standing approach of persuading individuals to pay more for organic, natural foods has been so effective that such foods are increasingly appearing on shelves in many American grocery stores, including significant supermarket behemoths suchas Kroger (KR). While Whole Foods has long been effective in charging premiums for its organic foodstuffs, it has lately been purchased by Inc. (AMZN), which intends to cut expenses, making it more competitive with chains like Target (TGT) and Kroger. Sprouts Farmers Market, a firm established by members of the Boney family, is the most direct competitor of Whole Foods. The first Sprouts shop was opened in Chandler, Arizona in 2002. Sprouts, like Whole Foods, went through a period of rapid growth owing to purchases and the growth of new shop. Sprouts has been operating more than 165 shops in eight countries on the Nasdaq since 2013. It focuses on the sale of new, organic and natural goods, but Sprouts is also proud to offer these products at sensible rates.The other major rival company of Whole Foods is Trader Joe, a privately-owned business that started in 1958 as a chain of convenience stores. The company based in California also began packaging products under the name of the store. This move helped Trader Joe establish a reputation for providing low-cost yet creative products, which is essential to its value-based pricing strategy. Many of their products, though certainly not all, are natural and organic.Other Rivals (Marketing91, 2019)KrogerKroger is the world's biggest revenue-based supermarket chain and the second biggest retailer. By having annual revenues of about $115.3 billion, the business has its activities directly or through its subsidiaries in about 2,800 shops across 35 countries.Kroger offers a broad variety of products and services including organic food, grocery, fuel, home products, and much more. Kroger is a one-stop shopping that enables consumers to buy at one place what they need. It also provides various store formats that allow consumers to select from it. It has created its own private label products over the years, which also include organic products.These products improve their brand value and place a powerful position for the business as well. Kroger is regarded one of the top competitors in the Whole Foods Market because of its powerful brand position.

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