Competitive Analysis: Essay

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Running head: COMPETITIVE ANALYSISCompetitive analysisName of the studentName of the universityAuthor note
2COMPETTIVE ANALYSISThe paper was overall great. It felt good to read the entire paper. There is no need tochange anything. The only change that could have been done is the paper could havebeen written in much detail. All the parts were clearly stated like introduction, analysis,conclusion and recommendation.IntroductionThe essay is the critique of the competitive analysis technique adopted by manycompanies. The essay briefly comments on the article based on the competitive analysis. Byreading the introduction of the article it is easy to understand and expect what is covered inthe entire article. The introduction consists of the business sustainability. It clearly states thefact that different businesses adopt many strategies in order to sustain in the market and tobuild good reputation in the market. However the introduction does not clearly mention thestrategies or the methods that are employed by the companies to sustain themselves.Good explanation!AnalysisThe analysis is portion is clearly mentioned. The research process is also clear. Anextensive research has been done on many companies and the process who has adopted thestrategies to sustain. It consists of the details of the companies who have adopted the strategyof doing well and sharing the products and the profit to serve the society. The researchincluded the companies like Nike, Toms shoes and Warby Parker. The analysis usuallyconsists of the results of the researches that are conducted. The article is the article ofcompetitive analysis and it has been observed that a good comparison among the companieshas been conducted. Therefore the analysis can be referred to be a detailed one. The only
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