Report On Network Security - Unix Environment For Security Analysis


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AbstractNetwork security is of the utmost importance to any organization. Data is the most valuable entity and leaving it vulnerable can make the system weak and lose the critical information. When procuring a server, there are so many hardening steps that are taken into consideration so that when they are done, system can be made strong and robust. In this report, there are various vulnerabilities demonstrated which re breaching the security of the system. Mitigation of each vulnerability is also provided so that the risk does not persists.

In this report, we are using a Unix environment for security analysis,There are various vulnerabilities that can invite attacks if left untreated. Each of these vulnerability is tested and mitigated in the test VM built.a.Explanation of VulnerabilityAll the vulnerabilities shown in the section below are the loopholes that can invite various attacks and intrusions. They are well explained in each scenario with the respective mitigation. Vulnerability Scenario 1: FIREWALL RULESWhen the system is exposed to internet, it is vulnerable to various intrusions andattacks. When it was tested to ping google, it was pinging. The security features in Linux, that is IPTABLES was checked and in that it allowed all the traffic from anywhere to anywhere. This is a major security breach and needs an urgent attention.

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