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Running head: COMPUTER SCIENCECOMPUTER SCIENCEName of the studentName of the UniversityAuthors Note:
COMPUTER SCIENCE1What is Plagiarism?Plagiarism can be defined as the method of taking other persons writing, conversation orideas and use it as if it is their own stuff. This is inclusive of web pages, books, songs andtelevision or any other medium (Alzahrani, Salim & Abraham, 2012). There are mainly fourmethods of plagiarism that are copy and paste, associate with classmate very closely, using aparticular source without properly contributing it, copying someone’s idea with properly citing it.Copy and paste:This is the most well form of plagiarism is copying and pasting aparticular topic. With the advance use of internet this has become popular (Angélil-Carter, 2014).If the sentence matches with the database, then it can provide anything which can easily matchwith the database.Close association with classmates:Students must be careful about this particular thing.The obvious method of plagiarism is collaborating with the classmates.Using a source without acknowledging it:It is very important to make use of rightresources. It is job of the writer to double check on any quotation which has provided by them.Copying someone idea with citation:It is the duty of the writer to make sure of the factthat from where the idea came. After that own thought and research must be provided so that thewhole thing it not just depended on idea from citation.How to avoid plagiarism:Plagiarism can be avoided by making use of five steps that are citing of sources, makinga through outline, paraphrasing of sentences, proper referencing.Future planning to avoid plagiarism:
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