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Configuration and Deployment of Cloud infrastructure Assignment

Added on - 14 Jun 2021

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Configuration and deployment of cloud infrastructureQuestion 1.a)The architecture of the operations manager is proposed to give a solid foundation tomonitoring of execution and availability, and for the meantime setting a constructrequirement with respect to the establishment and assets of work force. It contains severalcomponents which include the following:Management server that manages the Data Access Server, the Agent manager andthe consolidator.Agents is an administration that is introduced on a PC that searches for setupinformation and gathers data for investigation and detailing, determine the healthstate of objects monitored such as SQL database or disk of logic and performsassignments on request by an administrator or because of a condition. It enablesOperations Manager in monitoring UNIX, Windows and Linux systems ofoperation.Database whereby it comprises of the data of configuration for the groups ofmanagement and keeps the data of monitoring which is gathered and executed forthe group of management.(Guo et al. ,2012)b)The Administrator profile comprises of access privileges to Operations Manager. TheAdministrator profile incorporates the greater part of the benefits contained in every othersingle profile.The Read-Only Operator profile encloses benefits expected for clients who require read-just access. It enables clients to get to views and view alarms.The Report Operator profile contains benefits for getting to reports by clients. It awardsclients the authorization to see reports with respect to their extent of setup. (Smith, M.B. ,2009)Question 2.
a)Agents are required in the operations manager to gather design information and collectsinformation for detailing and investigation, defines the state of health of objects beingobserved and executes assignments asked. (Etchevers et. al, 2011)b)Active directory - The Operations Manager enhances the usage of the active directory toassign computers that are managed by the agents to the groups of management.Manual installation – this method is used after all the other methods have failed. Thesetup is installed through a tool of distribution or run in a manual manner on the agent.(Etchevers et. al, 2011)c)Operation console is utilized as a part of establishment of at least one agent. The consolecan likewise be utilized to manage agents that have been introduced utilizing theDiscovery Wizard. The console can be used to apply patches, arrange the server ofadministration and bring up to date various versions of agents where the agents aresupposed to report. (Etchevers et. al, 2011)Question 3.Monitoring wizards are contained in the management pack templates that permit making offinish situations of checking with inconsequential information. The wizard creates the neededguidelines, monitors and even concentrations to execute the particular circumstance. Thesetup of the wizard itself can be adjusted in the case that one requires to change the mannerin which monitoring is being carried out. The accessible formats include:Process monitoring template that enables one to observe whether a particular isrunning in a computer. By utilizing this layout, you can execute two distinctiveessential situations: one may need the procedure to keep running for a specificapplication and requires to be cautioned on the off chance that it isn't running, or onemay have to be alarmed on the off chance that you find that an undesirable procedureis running.
Windows Service Monitoring Templategives you a chance to discover and monitoroccurrences of a specific administration introduced on a PC that contains theWindows. The template finds PCs executing the administration and after that usesmonitors and standards to try its accessibility and gather execution information. Themain data that is needed includes the name of the administration and the kinds ofmonitoring needed in performance.TCP port template that monitors whether an application is available over the TCP. Anapplication to be tried may live on any PC regardless of the agent being installed onthe Operations manager or not. Every watcher hub ought to contain an installedOperations Manager operator.Web Application Transaction Monitoring Templatewhich Monitors the operation,availability and performance of an application of the web. (Smith, M.B, 2009)Question 4.After the operation manager is installed, management groups are created. They involve adatabase that reports the data warehouse, operational database and the management server.Administration of the management group and communication with the database ismanaged by the management server.On the other hand, all plan data for the management group and storage of all monitoringdata that is accumulated and arranged for the management group are contained in theoperational database.The following steps can be followed in order to discover and monitor objects:Computers to be managed are searched by the operation manager:The computers are identified.Installation of the agent on the computers that have been discovered follows.
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