Contribution Of Google To History Of Modern Computing

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CONTRIBUTION OF GOOGLE TO THE HISTORY OF MODERN COMPUTING1IntroductionThe computer is one of the most significant inventions of the mankind. The capability to storeand compute data offers us the capability to handle the various problems that would not bepossible to tackle otherwise. A person can spend years to know the history of computers asthere are so many inventions and books written on computing. The computer was not madefor the e-mails or entertainment, but it was created to solve the crisis of number-crunching.Nowadays, the power of computing lies on the smartphones which we use. Further, thehistory of computers is given that changed the world and made it technologically advanced.Then the contribution of Google is given below to the history of modern computing whichhelped people to play games, surfing the internet and streamlining multimedia in extension tothe crisis of crunching.History of Computers that Changed the WorldFurther, there is a history of computers which is being highlighted by some of theauthoritative computers which are as follows (Purkiss, D., 2013).Harvard Mark l, thecomputers were electronically mechanical which further means that they accustomed themechanical elements as the aspect of the computing process. Harvard Mark l was a computerof five-ton which was created in 1944, and it used to read to instructions through the taper ofpaper. The computer didn’t have various features of modern computing. ENIAC was the firstgeneral computer of general-purpose. The computer was completely programmable anddigital. The weight of the computer was 27-ton and diminutive the power of computing of theformer computers. The computer was mainly used by the military of the US with thecalculations of artillery and the first problem as a task which was given to this computer wasto implement the design of hydrogen bomb. The features of the computer were improvisedover the period of years and the mechanism of storing program was inculcated in 1948.Manchester Baby computer was created in 1948 and was utilized as a test bed for thetechnology i.e. Williams Tube. The computer was used for the memory of short-term and itwas attainable to load the programs into the memory of computers. Further, the ManchesterMark l was created which improvised the conception of electronic storage by adjoining thedrum of magnetic. BM System 360, earlier the programs which were developed for thecomputers would only be used on that particular computer only. The mainframe of IBMsystem 360 changed this process. It could be used in various models with the distinct power
CONTRIBUTION OF GOOGLE TO THE HISTORY OF MODERN COMPUTING2of processing, and the machines were compatible enough with the other machines, and thismeans that the applications which are created for a machine would be used on other machinesas well. Further, this approach was adopted for the upcoming computers. Dynabook, thecomputers which were developed earlier were not the prototypes and Dynabook is one of theexceptions. The computer was created in 1968, and the concept of the computer attributed thekeyboard and display which were attached on the same slate. It was very easy to carry theDynabook with one hand only and included the main elements of the user interface i.e.keyboard and display. The design of the Dynabook influenced Steve Jobs as he believed inthe simplicity of the prototype. The tablet computers which were designed after 1968 werebased on the concept of Dynabook. Apple II, the people of 1970 saw the plenitude ofpersonal computers and most of them were very successful, and Apple II was the mostauthoritative. It made an attempt for the average people so that they can afford the computerand also the made the approach of computers accessible for the common people. Theproduction of the computer was till 1993 and till then seven million computers were sold, andit gave the Apple great share of the early profit and furthered the funds were provided toleadoff other personal computers.IBM 5150, the era of 1980 started with the IBM 5150, and it was the first product which wascreated to the compatible platform of IBM. The computer was not a fanatic computer but thad all the features which were required in the personal computers during that time as thepowerful CPU-8088, and the drive of floppy disk was also available. Further, it was followedby various products of IBM during 1980, and the various compatible models of IBM weremade by various manufacturers. The 5150 leadoff the personal computer which we know inTodays time as it is a platform which can run software along with distinct hardware. CompaqPortable, during 1980, the portable computers were also available. The Compaq portable wasthe most authoritative one during that time. In 1983, the compatible portable of IBM was agreat success. It had the attributes of hardware and was also compatible with the ordinarysoftware. The weight of the personal computer was 28 pounds which were equal to the size ofa suitcase(, 2016). Therefore, the size of the personal computer wasvery small at that time and further the broad variety of same devices were implemented in thenext era. Apple Macintosh, the computer was not the first one along with the operatingsystem of graphics rather it was the first one to use that. The line of the command was exiledin favor of fascinated graphics of on-screen and along with it mouse was created for thepurpose of navigation. The creation of the computer was announced in the advertisement of
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