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Running Head: Conventional & Modern Approach of PsychologyThe Research in social psychology has been changed a lot in the last century, especially in thelast 10 years. The detailed analysis of the contemporary research in comparison to the classicresearch shows the differences in regard to the hypothetical orientation such as inheritance,socio-cultural approach, social learning theory, ethics, and the basic vs. the practical nature of theresearch. There are also dissimilarities between the classic and current research in regard toinfluence on social behavior. Interms of psychology,social psychologyis the methodical study to assess how people's belief,analyzing their different opinion/approaches, and dissimilar behaviors are being prejudiced bythe actual, anticipated, or disguised presence of the others.The influence of theories as in regard to what we know and notice regularly about the humanthought process and subsequent behavior, which has been forced professionals to a change in thepsychological theories as well as per the changing trend. For example, the behavioral theoriesrecognized how conditioning can be used for learning new information’s about human behaviors.The Psychology students typically spend most of their time studying and critically analyzingthese different theories. Some of the theories have fallen out of the favor, while the other’s hasremained widely established, but all have been majorly contributed enormously to the indulgenceof human thought and behavior. While learning more about these theories, you may gain adeeper and richer understanding of the psychology's past, present and future. The theories relatedto psychology, which belongs to old & new era are as follows:
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Running Head: Conventional & Modern Approach of PsychologyBehavioral TheoriesCognitive TheoriesDevelopmental TheoriesHumanist TheoriesPersonality TheoriesSocial Psychology Theories [ CITATION Ken15 \l 1033 ]Research trends in psychologySocial influence is continuously key booming topic in the area of social psychology. Thisresearch actually determines the changing trends in psychology and the way it looks at how anindividual thought of the actions and feelings which is normally influenced by the social groups.Several types of social influence, includes assessing the impact via peer pressure, compliance,leadership, accord and affiliation. In general terms the impact of Psychology on society which isalso known as “Social influence”, is termed as the change in the human behavior, ethics andthoughts. This would result from interaction with another individual or a group. Social influenceis distinct from conformity, power, and authority. The concept of Conformity occurs when “anindividual expresses a particular opinion or behavior in order to vigorous into a specific situationor in the case to meet the expectations of a given user. Though he doesn’t necessarily clutch thatthe opinion or believe that the behavior is appropriate. On the contrary, the Power is the ability toforce or coerce in a particular way for controlling the unexpected outcomes. Authority in generalterms is “power which is believed and legitimate (instead of coercive) by the one who aresubjected to it. [ CITATION Soc98 \l 1033 ]
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Running Head: Conventional & Modern Approach of PsychologyThe Culture mayrefer to the key outlook,attitudes,values,goals, and practices shared bythegroup,organization, or society.The key interpretationof what isactually moralis being influenced bythe differentfeatures such as culturalnorms, and culture’s traits which may have different beliefs inregard to “what is right and wrong”.According to the cultural relativism theory, there is no such singular truth on which to thebaseethicalor moralbehavior can get an interpretation of the truth which is beinginfluenced by the people’s own culture. [ CITATION Bou15 \l 1033 ]The research question basically focuses on “Finding the differences between the existing andcontemporary and how the gap can be bridged”. The research questions or analysis will beprimarily based on assessing the features of both the theories. What are the changes in ethics andits impact on society”.Annotated BibliographyBy depicting the result through various research studies, we have analyzed the followingopinion:According to one of renowned psychologistGordon Allport, the social psychology is a restraintwhich employs the scientific methods basically to understand and elucidate how the people’sthought, feeling and the human behavior of individuals are being inclined by the definite,predictable or have oblique the presence of other human beings" (1985). [ CITATION Ken151 \l1033 ]SOCIAL & PSYCHOLOGICAL APPROACHES
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