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CopyrightThe information in this booklet is copyright to Real Estate Training Solutions and may not beused or reproduced in whole or in part without the prior written consent of Real Estate Training Solutions.DisclaimerWhile every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained in this product is free from errors and omissions and is not misleading in any way, Real Estate Training Solutions makes no representations or warranties and is not liable for any loss or damage or injury of any kind (however caused) under any theory of law including negligence resulting from or in any way connected with the use of this product. RETS does not assume any legal liability, whether direct or indirect, for the accuracy, comprehensiveness or usefulness of any information, or the reliance on this information.AssessmentsCompleting your assessmentsYou will find as follows the assessments you will need to complete for this unit of competence. You will need to complete all of the assessments. To complete the assessments you can do either of the following:Type your answers directly into the document and print off and sign each page, then post to RETSorPrint off and hand write the answers, sign each page, then post to RETSYOU MUST COMPLETE AND HAND IN THIS ENTIRE DOCUMENT. If we do not receive the entire completed work book it will be sent back unmarked.YOU MUST WRITE YOUR NAME, SIGN AND DATE EACH PAGE OF YOUR ASSESSMENT Sending in AssessmentsAll written assessments and evidence must be legible. When you are completing your assessments and collecting your evidence keep in mind the elements and performance criteria– you will find these at the front of the Learners Guide. Your assessor will be assessing you against all of these things. If you need more information on assessment go to your ‘Student Assessment Information Booklet’ which is in your traineeship kit, alternatively speak to your assessor.Ensure that all necessary parts of the Assessment Cover Sheet are signed. You will see these are indicated with an ‘’. You will need to have your workplace supervisor also sign the necessary sections.
Remember: if you are posting your assessments and evidence always keep a copy or scan of all of your work. RETS is not responsible for any material that is lost in the post or does not reach our office.Identifying what you have already doneBefore you begin, look through this guide carefully to get an idea of the topics covered. You may have already developed some of the skills and knowledge covered in this unit of competency, through your work or in a previous learning program.If you can demonstrate that you already have the skills and knowledge required to complete this unit of competency, you may not need to undertake all of the learning. You may be able to have your prior learning recognised through a process called Recognition of Prior Learning(RPL) or Recognition of Current Competency (RCC). If you think you may be eligible for RPL or RCC, try to find as much evidence as you can to show that you have the particular skills and knowledge relevant to this unit of competency.Evidence to show your skills and knowledge may include:qualification documentsevidence of employment, for example, pay slips, position descriptionwork referenceswork samples, for example, letters, memosother training, for example, on the job training, computer training, and communication skills workshopsIf you feel you may be eligible for RPL speak to your tutor
About the UnitCPPDSM4028A Identify and analyse risks and opportunities in the property industryELEMENTPERFORMANCE CRITERIA1Identify risks and opportunities.1.1 Informationon actual and potential risks and opportunities is collected and assessed for currency, accuracy and relevance according to organisational requirements.1.2 Terms of reference are determined in consultation with relevant people and information is updated, modified and maintained according to organisational requirements.1.3 Structured plan for identifying and assessing likelihood of risk and opportunity is developed according to terms of reference and agreed timeframes.1.4 Limitations in identifying and assessing risks and opportunities are recognised and assistance is sought as required.2Analyse risks and opportunities.2.1 Identified risks and opportunities are analysed for validity and reliability according to organisational requirements.2.2 Assessment criteria for measuring level of potential or existing risk or opportunity, together with an assessment of consequences, are developed according to terms of reference.2.3 Gaps in assessment methodology are identified and appropriate actions implemented according to organisational procedures.2.4 Valid and relevant data is analysed against assessment criteria to determine level of potential risk or opportunity according to organisational procedures.3Document findings.3.1 Risk and opportunity assessment findings are documented and distributed torelevant people according to organisational requirements.3.2 Feedback on findings is actively sought to ensure accuracy and relevance of information.3.3 Findings are updated as required and incorporated into risk and opportunity assessment plan for future management decision making.3.4 Information is securely maintained with due regard to confidentiality, and organisational and legislative requirements.
CPPDSM4057A Monitor a safe workplace in the property industryELEMENTPERFORMANCE CRITERIA1Provide information on safety policy and procedures in the workplace.1.1 Relevant provisions of OHS legislation and codes of practice are accurately and clearly explained to team members.1.2 Documentation is developed and maintained to support implementation of OHS policies and procedures.1.3 Recommendations are made to improve effectiveness of OHS and workplacepolicies and procedures.2Implement and monitor participative arrangements.2.1 Consultative processes are implemented and monitored to ensure all team members have an opportunity to contribute to management of OHS in the workplace.2.2 Health and safety issues raised through consultation are resolved or referred to relevant people for resolution according to organisational requirements.2.3 Outcomes of consultation over OHS issues are reported to team members according to organisational procedures.3Implement and monitor hazard and risk control procedures.3.1 Existing and potential risks and hazards in work area are identified and appropriate actions are implemented according to OHS policies and procedures.3.2 Individual and team adherence to control risks and hazards in work area is maintained and monitored according to organisational requirements.3.3 Inadequacies in existing procedures to control risks are identified and appropriate actions are implemented according to organisational requirements.3.4 Cause of hazardous events is investigated according to legislative requirements and organisational policies and procedures.3.5 Measures to minimise risk and prevent recurrence of hazardous events are implemented based on hierarchy of control and own role.4Support OHS training.4.1 OHS training needs of individuals and teams are identified and discussed with relevant people according to organisational policies and procedures.4.2 Arrangements are made for addressing identified OHS training needs in consultation with relevant people according to organisational policies and procedures.4.3 Coaching and mentoring assistance is provided to team members to support the effective development of personal OHS competencies.AssessmentCover SheetUnit/s: CPPDSM4028A Date:
Identify and analyse risks and opportunities in the property industryCPPDSM4057A Monitor a safe workplace in the property industryTO BE COMPLETED BY ALL STUDENTS:Participant’s Declaration:I declare that the material enclosed in this Assessmentis my own work.I have reviewed the assessment for this unitof competenceand believe that I have satisfactorily met the requirements for competenceSupervisor’s Declaration:To the best of my knowledge I verify thatthe materialprovided in the attachedAssessmentTask is the original work of the trainee.
.Student’s Signature:Date:Supervisor’s Signature:TO BE COMPLETED BY ALL TRAINEES:Trainee DeclarationIn accordance with my training plan I acknowledge that I have been released from my duties to work on mytraining/learning/assessment activities for this unitof competencyfor a minimum of 3 hours per week averaged over a four week cycleSupervisor’s Declaration:In accordance with my employees training plan I acknowledge that I have released this employee from their duties to work on their training/learning/assessment activities for this unitof competencyfor a minimum of 3 hours per week averaged over a four week cycleStudent’s Signature:Date:Supervisor’s Signature:
Supervisors of Trainees must complete this sectionPlease referto and use the studentstraining plan in conjunctionwith this document.The trainees designated supervisor is to print their name, sign and date at the  below if they consider thetrainee is competent in this unit.RETS cannot confirm competencyof a trainee until the supervisor agrees that competencyin the workplace in this unit has been demonstrated. If this is not filled inthe assessment will be automatical
ly returned until this has been completed.Units of CompetencyFormal Training DetailsAssessmentDetailsUnit codeUnit nameUnit typeRPLRCCCTUnit TrainingStart dateUnit Training End DateTrainingModesSBATHSCProgResponsibility for TrainingAssessmentMethodEmployer Confirmation of CompetencePrinted Name:CPPDSM4028AIdentify and analyse risks and opportunities in the property industryCN/ASee full TPSee full TPNRTO - RETS

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