Corporate Governance in Ryanair : Report

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INTRODUCTION Action Plan for the companyAction plan is the process through which Ryanair takes corrective plan in order tomitigate the negative activities. Present action plan based on the company issues of corporategovernance. Corporate governance is the set of rules and regulation on which they look upon andwork for getting good returns (Abdullah, Ismail, and Nachum, 2016). For that, company needs toadopt plans to maintain the good relationship with the different stakeholders. There are givenaction plan in order to maintain the stability in the market researcher analyse the effective actionplan for the company in order to minimize the issues of the company. The reasons why Ryanair was concern for this case study are as follows. Ryanair falling their image in the market due to adopting less effective strategies orplans.Ryanair exemplifies the necessity for internal controls and risk management. Due to ineffective sources and planning they fail to adopt effective planningresources.These are the reasons to make action plan.Case summary and corporate governance issues.There are various corporate governance issues facing by the Ryanair such as shareholderaccountability, risk management, performance evaluation of directors etc. overall the summaryof the case study is that Ryanair is facing many issues due to which they lost his market imageand facing low profit making company. Some issues are ineffective compensation policies,corporate governance, working conditions, conflict of interest. These are the steps of action plan.Determine problems that is ineffective employment policiesaccording to the companyissues. In order to get the best results and making the best action plan. Researcher needsto analyse the issues and problems due to which company faces the conflicts. Due to thisissues company faces the problems. along with that, in the first step of the action plan isto determine the issues. Such as with Ryanair company they having issues are unfairtrading policies, conflict of interest, ineffective compensation policies, workingconditions are poor. Overall these kinds of issues facing by the company through whichthey cannot earn enough amount of profit margin (Abdullah, Ismail, and Nachum, 2016).1
This is the first step on which company determine the issues and follows the correctiveaction plan in order to mitigate the negative impacts on the business. In the first stepRyanair determine their major issues on which they need to work. In this stageinvestigator analyse the various issues that. Company fails to treat the employees ineffective manner due to which they facing less productive work. On the other side theyfail to provide enough dividend to their shareholders due to which they reducing theirgood relationship with the stakeholders. Company focus on the reducing the cost for thatthey reducing their services and getting low profit. On the other side it makes negativeimpact on the market due to which they need to concern about the company issues inorder to minimize them. On the basis of action plan gain the effectiveness in thefunctioning of the company (Armstrong, Blouin, and Larcker, 2015). Assessment of rules and roles of company: after determining the issues and conflictswhich faces by the company. Another step of the company is to take the opportunity. Inthis next step of the action plan next step would have taken by the company that is toprotect the company from negative plans. In this step company delegate the roles andresponsibilities to the employees in order state the work according to minimize the issues.Along with that, all employees and workers applies the action plan in order to maintainthe company position and stability. Moreover, Another main concern of the company isto make image in the market in order to implement good changes. Company give rolesand duties as per the employee capabilities and performances. Besides, with the help ofthis step employees get know who they need to perform to achieve the final target. Developing action: In the another step of action plan is to make planning and makingstrategies to achieve the final objectives. This is the important concepts to stable thecompany position (Berger, Imbierowicz and Rauch, 2016). In this process company mustgiving training and developing session to the staff in order to enhance the employees'productivity. With the help of this process employee get motivated and happy with theenvironment of the organisation. This process helps to reduce the risk and problem of thecompany. Training and staff learning is the most important thing for the company toreduce the uncertain events. This process helps to enhance working position of theemployers so that they help company to make new growth plan. Through this processcompany many get help to reduce the issues they facing (Boreiko and Murgia, 2016). 2

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