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Running head: COUNSELLING SKILLS1Counselling skills.Student NameInstitution

COUNSELLING SKILLS2Mock conversation.ST-Student.PC-Professional Counsellor.1.PC: Hello Nicole. Close the door behind you and have a seat.2.ST: Thanks, counsellor.3.PC: How have you been Nicole?4.ST: I have been fine except for some issues troubling me. How about you?5.PC: I been well too. Thank you for asking. I heard that last week you were selecting your university leaders. How was the process?6.ST: The process was conducted in a transparent manner. I guess I can say we had a free and fair election.7.PC: (smiling) that is good for you students. Learning to exercise your democratic rights atthis stage is a very big plus for our nation. Anyway, we are very proud of you for maintaining peace throughout the process. Keep up that spirit.8.ST: thank you for your kind words.9.PC: (Smiling) welcome. Earlier I heard you say that you are having some issues that are troubling you. Right?10.ST: You are correct counselor.11.PC: feel free to share them with me. And before we continue, I would like to inform you that this conversation will be recorded so that I can capture all the details which will

COUNSELLING SKILLS3enable me to offer you the best solution. There is nothing to worry as this conversation is private and confidential and I am the only one required to use it. Are you ok with this?12.ST: I am ok with it. No problem counselor.13.PC: Nice to hear that. Can you now tell me what issues are bothering you?14.ST: late last year, I started abusing some harmful drugs, and I got addicted. The problem is affecting my studies, my health and even my finances (twisting her mouth)15.PC: (Interrupting) can you please be specific. Which month specifically?16.ST: November.17.PC: And now we are in which month?18.ST: September Mr. Counsellor.19.PC: Thank God you have not lost track of time. What kind of harmful drugs are you referring to?20.ST: Cocaine, marijuana, and heroin when I have enough money. I also drink a lot when I have some cash.21.PC: (raising eye brows) that is so serious and also very harmful to your health. I heard you say that your studies are also being affected. Which course are you taking in this institution?22.ST: I am pursuing a degree in journalism.23.PC: Do you know that if you continue with your habits, you will never have a chance to practice journalism anywhere?24.ST: That is the main reason I have decided to seek assistance from you counselor.25.PC: (nodding his head) that is the right decision, Nicole. Who introduced you to abuse drugs?

COUNSELLING SKILLS426.ST: my friends introduced me into this habit. They always talked about how they felt comfortable, relaxed and even avoided stress.27.PC: (interrupting) did they force you?28.ST: No. They did not force me I just wanted to experience and then stop, but as you know, heroin is very addictive.29.PC: Have you ever tried to seek assistance from anywhere else? May be talking to one of your good friends, priest or even pastor?30.ST: I have never sought assistance from anyone before. This is the first time.31.PC: What was your turning point?32.ST: The day I missed to exams because I was very drunk to take the test. My friend lied to the lecturer that I was sick. I also used my fees to buy the drugs and I had a lot of difficulties raising the remaining fee. In was threatened to be kicked out of school if I did not raise the amount but lucky enough I was able to raise the amount. I told myself that I was not going to experience such situations again but I backslid back into my old ways. My grades are also dropping and if this continues, I might not be able to graduate and I don’t want to hurt my parents (sigh).33.PC: The good thing is that you want to be helped to cope with the drug addiction and thatis very commendable and the first step towards healing. As the saying goes, acceptance isthe first step towards healing. How affected are your grades?34.ST: (drooping face) my AGP used to be around 4.5 but now I am struggling to have achieved 2.5.35.PC: What is the reason behind the drop?

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