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COURSEWORK ASSESSMENT SPECIFICATIONModule Title:Procedural programmingModule Number:KF4006Module TutorName(s):Chris RookAcademic Year:2016-2017% Weighting (tooverall module):20%Coursework Title:Procedural programming assignment 2Average StudyTime Required byStudent:20 study hoursDates and Mechanisms for Assessment Submission and FeedbackDate of Handout to Students:17thOctober 2016Mechanism for Handout to Students:Via eLearning PortalDate and Time of Submission by Student:24th November 2016 11pm.Mechanism for Submission of Work by Student:Submit your code and essay to the link on the eLearning portal by 11pm on the 24th1
November 2016.You should not submit program executables – only the code that is required to build them.You will submit a single document. First paste the C++ code into the document, then pastethe code for your other language. Make it clear which language you have used.Finally, include your essay.Northumbria University uses anonymous marking where possible, so do not put your nameon the document.Date by which Work, Feedback and Marks will be returned to Students:15thDecember 2016Mechanism for return of assignment work, feedback and marks to students:Marks will be available on the Blackboard grade book. You will receive feedback via email.This assessment is worth 20% of the total module mark.This assignment contributes to the assessment of the following learning outcomes:Demonstrate an understanding of the basic principles of procedural programming using anappropriate programming language, including the use of variables, conditions, loops,subprograms.Compare and evaluate procedural programming languages.This is anindividualassignment. You may not collude with any other individual or plagiarise theirwork. Suspected collusion or plagiarism will be dealt with according to the University ofNorthumbria's assessment regulations.Assessment regulations are in the document “Assessmentregulations for Northumbria Awards” and can be found on the University’s website at: 1(50%)You should write code to implement the program detailed below. You should implement this TWICE– once in C++ and once in another programming language. You may choose the other programminglanguage from: Ruby, Perl, BASIC, Python, Javascript, Processingjs.Task 2(50%)You should write a short essay comparing the use of loops in the two programs you have created fortask 1. You should discuss:Differences in the way that loops are used and written in the two languages.A discussion of which approach you feel is best, with reasons.2
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