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FACI4024 Financial Accounting

Added on - 18 Sep 2019

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Coursework Assignment BriefSemester:Autumn 2016Module Code:FACI4024Module Title:Financial Accounting 1Programme:BSc (Honours)Level:4Awarding Body:Plymouth UniversityModule Leader:Rita Davies Ukachi-LoisFormat:ReportPresentation:NoAny specialrequirements:All work should be submitted to the Student Portal along with anacceptable Turnitin ReportWord Limit:2,000 words (with 10% plus or minus leeway)Deadline date forsubmission:Thursday 17 November 2016 (2 pm)Learning outcomes tobe examined in thisassessment:Explain the context, purpose and users of financial reporting.LO1Describe the qualitative characteristicsoffinancialinformation. LO2Percentage of marksawarded for the module:This assignment is worth 50% of the total marks for the moduleAssessment criteria:Explanatory comments on the assessmentcriteriaMaximum marks foreach sectionKnowledge andUnderstanding ofSubject:Factual and conceptual knowledge andunderstanding; use of class materials;independent reading45%Cognitive/IntellectualSkills:Critical thinking; conceptualisation; creativity;synthesis, analysis and evaluation;application; problem solving andresearch/investigation.30%Graduate –Transferable,Employability andPractical Skills:Written, oral and presentation skills;interpersonal, group and teamwork skills;leadership skills; numeracy; digital skills;practical, professional and academic skills25%Page1of11
(including referencing/presentation etc.)Candidates must clearly label their ID Number on additional separate reference, formula oranswer sheets.Assignment Task:You are required to research a company that would be your ideal company you would like towork for.You should write a report to the newly appointed chairperson of the companies, addressingthe following issues:a)Identify six different groups of users of financial statements, who would be interestedin these companies(ensure that both internal and external users are fairlyrepresented). Provide a brief summary of these users and a brief description of thepurposes for which they will use the financial statements.b)Obtain the latest five consecutive years of the published Income StatementandStatement of Financial Position (Balance Sheet) for this company; mostimportantly the company should be listed on the London Stock Market (theseaccounts should be included as an appendix to the coursework).Your analysis should include:A brief summary of the chosen company.Calculations of various ratios which will be used to analyse the company’sperformance over the years, choosingat least threefrom profitability,liquidity, working capital and solvency ratio.Provide an analysis on each ratio calculated.Summarise your findings in the conclusion and make recommendations onyour findings of the company’s performance.Total marks for assignment: 100Marking Scheme:What is expected within students’ answersPage2of11
Ability to introduce the report, by including assignment objectives, companies selected, andfinancial statements obtained (the income statement and the statement of financial positionshould be attached in the appendices).Write a brief history of each company selected, to provide the reader with some backgroundinformation about these companies.The description of the user groups and purposes for which they use the financial statementsshould demonstrate a clear understanding of the issues.Analysis and calculations of relevant and specific financial informationthat reflect thecompany’s performance from the perspective of each of the user groups identified shoulddemonstrate the ability to relate theory to the real world.Arguments should be clearly summed up to reach a conclusion.Clear, professionalevidence of wide research should be provided.Marks AwardedIntroduction and relevance of materials10Identification of Users: Group of financial statement18Ratios: formula and calculations16Ratio analysis – of the company(s) for the periods26Conclusion and recommendation10Presentation: Content style and originality10Clarity5Format, referencing, bibliography5Total marks100Page3of11
GENERIC ASSESSMENT MARKING CRITERIA LEVEL 4KNOWLEDGE &UNDERSTANDINGINTELLECTUAL &COGNITIVE SKILLSGraduate Skills: transferable,employability, practical and academicskillsFactual andconceptualknowledge andunderstanding; useof class materials;independent readingCritical thinking;conceptualisation;creativity; synthesis,analysis and evaluation;application; problemsolving andresearch/investigationWritten, oral and presentation skills;interpersonal, group and teamworkskills; leadership skills; numeracy;digital skills; practical, professionaland academic skills (includingreferencing/presentationMARKINGBANDMODULLEARNINGOUTCOMESCLASSIFICATIONWEIGHTED AT 45%WEIGHTED AT 30%WEIGHTED AT 25%86 - 100%Achieved atthis levelFIRST (1ST)Includes all requiredfactual content,accuratelysummarised.Well developed, relevant,reasoned introduction andconclusions.Within word count or presentation time.Includes relevantfactual content only.Clearly and logicallystructured material.Accurate spelling, grammar, punctuation,paragraphing.Accurate identificationof relevant concepts,theories and/orprinciples, appropriateto this level.Information or data selectedfrom a good range ofprimary and secondarysources, and categorised,analysed or evaluated usingrelevant methods ortechniques.Fluent, interesting writing style,appropriate to the assignment ORengaging, confident, audible andwell-pacedpresentation.Excellentunderstanding offactual and conceptualmaterial, relative to thislevel.Well developed, coherentarguments, referencingprimary and secondaryliterature.Appropriate visual presentation, includingfont, spacing, margins, headings,graphics, images and appendices.Calculations areaccurate, clearly setWell-developedintegrationof theory and practice, forCorrect use of academic conventions,references and bibliography.Page4of11
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