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CPC40808 Certificate IV In Swimming Pool And Spa Building | Report

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Added on  2020-02-05

CPC40808 Certificate IV In Swimming Pool And Spa Building | Report

   Added on 2020-02-05

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This assessment tool has been designed to provide evidence for the
following unit of competency:
Unit code
CPCCBC4048A Apply building codes and standards to
the construction process for swimming pools and spas
This unit of competency is included in the following qualification(s):
CPC40808 Certificate IV in Swimming Pool and Spa Building
This unit of competency specifies the outcomes required to plan on-site
activities, including the employment of physical and human resources and
the development of documentation and advice for relevant authorities
concerning residential and commercial projects.
The ability to identify appropriate resources and suppliers and assess the
availability of and requirements for skilled labour are essential.
The unit requires candidates to have a comprehensive and appropriate
understanding of the complex range of legislative and workplace
requirements to manage risk in building and construction workplaces.
Instructions to the candidate
All questions must be attempted.
You must achieve a satisfactory performance in all parts of the
If you do not demonstrate satisfactory performance, you are required to
provide further evidence. This could be in the form of another
knowledge-based assessment, interview or another method deemed
appropriate by your assessor.
This is an open book assessment. You may use your Learner’s Guide,
the OHS Act and Regulations or other reference materials during the
Write your answers in black or blue ink.
CPC40808 Certificate IV In Swimming Pool And Spa Building | Report_1
nit code and title CPCCBC4048A Apply building codes and standards to the
construction process for swimming pools and spas
Candidate’s name
Assessment outcome
competent not yet competent
Feedback for the candidate
Further action required (if assessed as ‘not yet competent’)
Assessor’s name
Assessor’s signature
CPC40808 Certificate IV In Swimming Pool And Spa Building | Report_2
Assessment Questions and Exercises
Construction includes various terms and condition which are to be taken
care while executing it. Hence, when the government of a country builds
structures the legislation which are associated with it are meant to be followed.
This is to be done in order to have an unaffected surroundings where the
construction is being done. Simultaneously, this report consists of all the
informations related to building and development of swimming pool as well as
spas. The necessary things which have to be taken care in regards to health and
safety of public while operating them have also been stated in this document in
regards to Australia
List the standards which relate to the construction of swimming pools and
BCA stands for Building Code of Australia which is a legislative body
works for uniformity for construction all over the nation. Hence, all the rules and
standards which are being made by this instrument are ought to be followed by
every type of construction company which are established in Australian cities.
Simultaneously, there are a number of standards which have been set by this
association in regards to development of swimming pools and spas in the
boundaries of nation (Howat, 2013). These are necessary to be taken into
account while building any type of pools and spas in country which are to be
used by the public in general. A list of these standards has been given below:
Public health Act 2010
This is an act which has been propounded to define how swimming pool
and spas have to be constructed and what kind of structures of them be like.
Further definitions are discussed below:
Must have a structure which can be used by Humans for bathing
According to regulation of NSW a swimming pool is defined as a water
body which is constructed by people and is used for human bathing. So,
appropriate structure according to the requirements have to be made in order to
have a proper management and satisfaction to the general public.
Swimming and diving can be processed
Pools must have that much space which is accessible for swimming and
diving by the people who are coming there for the same.
Have an aquatic structure
The structure must be according to the aquatic activities which can be
utilised by various people who are either paying for it or are not been charged by
the authority.
Public health regulation 2012
This regulation was structured in order to provide best facilities at the
swimming pools and spas which are constructed in the country for the use of
public. Hence, proper sanitisation of water, presence of the lifeguards and all
necessary kits at the pool area must be maintained.
Location which is chosen must not impact or damage surroundings
The area where pools are being constructed must not cause any kind of
damage to the people who are residing near it. In other words, it must be
CPC40808 Certificate IV In Swimming Pool And Spa Building | Report_3
unaffected for the people near whom it is built (Hurlimann, 2010). Other than
personal swimming pools which are constructed in premises of houses of people,
this rule is applicable to all other pools which are constructed in office areas,
societies, public clubs, hotels, motels etc.
Performance requirement for domestic swimming pool access
In order to get a domestic swimming pool access, following are the
requirements which have to be obtained for permit regarding same and they are:
There must be a safety provided by some fences which will protect
children from entering the pool. It is a permanent barrier to pool, young children
cannot enter it, it must be 1.2 metres high. Gates to enter the pool are must and
all of them must be built according to the children as they might enter the pool by
mistake and this can cause a mishap.
Hard cover on Spas
The spas which have been constructed must have covers for the spas
when they are not being used as this will help in protecting children from entering
In order to comply with Australian standards, there must be a filter which must be
situated deep down in the pool for cleaning of the water (MacDonald, 2010).
Also, there must be a complete care of the suction through vacuum in pool or
hair entanglement while going into the pool as this may cause a risk to people
who are using pool.
CPC40808 Certificate IV In Swimming Pool And Spa Building | Report_4

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