CPI Project on Fall Prevention


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CPI project on fall prevention
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Clinical Practice Improvement Project Report
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Implementation of ICT based intervention program istoppfalls in the geriatric ward to
minimize falls by 50% within the next 4 months
Project Aim:
The aims and objectives of the CPI project includes:
To explore the effectiveness of implementation of the ICT education in the elderly
To evaluate the effectiveness of ICT program on reducing the rate of falls in the
geriatric unit.
To understand the change in responsiveness and perception of the elderly
populations to ICT based fall prevention devices
Relevance of Clinical Governance to your project
Among the various approaches that have been taken to ensure optimal quality in the care
services that are being provided to the patients, the concept of clinical governance had been
one of the greatest aspects (O’Brien, 2015). Clinical governance can be defined as the
systematic framework which helps in facilitating continuous improvement to the care
services being provided to the patients and achieving best clinical outcomes for the patients
in all circumstances. It has to be mentioned in this context, implementing any change to the
care services in an attempt to improve the care services or minimize any risk is directly
linked to the concepts of clinical governance.
There are four key principles of clinical governance, the first element is clinical
performance and evaluation which is associated with utilizing, monitoring and
disseminating the evidence based clinical practice into the care services to improve
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practice or avoid any risks. The area of concern for the project is preventing the incidences
of falls for the elderly patients in the facility, the intervention proposed will be based on
the trail studies that have been published before. The second pillar is professional
development and management, which facilitates clinical development and maintenance of
the professional standards by the means of implementing different innovative changes
(Pearson, 2014).
The third pillar is the consumer value which encourages the care service providers to
involve the consumers in the improving the care practices and the care services that are
being provided to the patients. The project has also incorporates the perception and voice
of the consumers while implementing the change and incorporated the fall prevention
standards of the NHSQS into designing the intervention. The fourth pillar of clinical
governance is clinical risk, which concentrates on minimising risk and improving the
overall clinical safety of the services (Uhb.nhs.uk, 2018). The falls is a major clinical risk
to the elderly patients and hence the project also aligns effectively with the fourth pillar of
the clinical governance.
Evidence that the issue / problem is worth solving:
There is mounting evidence that indicates at fall related fractures being one of the greatest
contributing factors leading to hospitalization for the elderly population all across the
world. as peer the statistical data, it has to be mentioned that the percentage of older adults
suffering a fall in the residential aged care centres is close to 50%, and 40% of the number
of falls are recurrent falls (Barry et al., 2014). Considering Australian statistics, 30% of the
total number of adults aged 65 years or living in Australia have encountered at least one
fall per year. Along with that, it has to be mentioned that 40% of the total injury related
deaths reported for this age group relates to the incidences of falls (Ww2.health.wa.gov.au,
Falls is a very common challenge that the older adults have to encounter, and there are a
variety of contributing factors that trigger falls for this target population (Bullo et al.,
2015). Thus, prevention of falls and fall related injuries in older people has become a
public health priority. It has to be mentioned that there have been many intervention
options that are available to avoid instances of falls such as bed rails, non-skid footwear,
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