CPI Project on Falls in Hospital


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CPI project on falls in hospital
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Clinical Practice Improvement Project Report
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The implementation of integrative education and training on fall prevention on the bedside
nurses to reduce false.
Project Aim:
To explore the effectiveness of educational and training activities to reduce rate of falls in
the facility by 30% within the next 6 months involving the bedside nursing workforce.
Relevance of Clinical Governance to your project
Clinical governance is one of the most effective practice frameworks that can be used in
the health care scenario to enhance the clinical safety of the care services that are being
provided to patients and maintain the continuous improvement of the overall care services
(Vordenberg et al. 2018). This systematic framework holds the each and every care
provider accountable and responsible for the safety and efficacy of the care activities they
are engaging in. This project has aimed to reduce the rate of falls in the health care facility
by improving the awareness and knowledge of the bedside nurses regarding the fall
prevention policies and practices, the project relates to a number of pillars of the clinical
governance (Van Zwanenberg and Edwards 2018).
There are 7 pillars of clinical governance, which relates to different interconnected aspects
of improvement of the clinical care services. The seven pillars of clinical governance in
practice, they are clinical performance and evaluation, clinical risk management, patient
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experience and involvement or consumer value, resource effectiveness, communication,
strategic effectiveness, and professional development and management. Among the seven
pillars, there are four pillars or principles of clinical governance which relates intricately
with the care services that are being provided to the health care professionals. First and
foremost, the first pillar of clinical effectiveness and performance is associated with the
implementing evidence based practice to ensure providing safe and effective care services
to the patients (Vordenberg et al. 2018). This project aims to build on the knowledge and
expertise among the nurses regarding fall prevention in the facility with respect to
interventions that are derived from the best practice evidence available. Along with that, it
has to be mentioned that health care associated falls are linked with many adversities and
can even lead to fatal consequences for the critical care units. Hence, falls and the related
injuries are a very important clinical risk which this project is aiming to address (Vlaeyen
et al. 2017).
Similarly the pillar of professional development and management is the pillar which
addresses the need for education and training among the existing staff. In this case as well,
the intervention being proposed in this case refers to the training and educating the nurses
regarding the fall prevention policies and practices, hence, the project is addressing the
third pillar effectively as well. Lastly, the fourth and final pillar that the project is
addressing is the consumer voice. Elaborating further, the project will involve the
interventions that are going to be implemented in the health care facility will also
incorporate the consumer representatives to ensure their perception, wishes and grievances
is taken into consideration regarding the implementation of the interventions (Van
Zwanenberg and Edwards 2018). Hence, overall, it can be easily stated that the project that
has been designed follows these 4 essential pillars of clinical governance effectively.
Evidence that the issue / problem is worth solving:
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Among the different health risks that cause a massive influx in thee mortality rates of the
older adults or critically ill patients, falls account for a major portion of the clinical risk
(Coppedge, Conner and Se 2016). The impact of a fall is multifactorial, the falls that the
patients in the health acre facility not just leads to injuries, pain and suffering, but it also
affects the emotional and psychosocial wellbeing of the patients altering the sense of safety
and security while staying in the facility (Dykes et al. 2017). Hence, the impact of falls
encompasses both physical and emotional wellbeing of the patients, and undoubtedly it is
one of the greatest public health priorities for the health care professionals worldwide.
Discussing the prevalence and predominance of falls in the health care environment, falls
has become a major contributor to the mortality and morbidity in the health care
environment (Vlaeyen et al. 2015). Considering the data from the South Australia, in the
year of 2017, the rate of hospitalization admission due to fall and related injuries had been
22576 people and among the alarming number of people, 400 had been dead due to fall
related injuries (Aihw.gov.au 2018). As derived from the statistical data that had been
gathered, there had been 34000 incidents of fall that had occurred in the health care facility
which complicated the disease, enhanced the number of days of hospice care and also
added to the cost of hospital based care. Hence, the fall and fall related injuries has become
a grave concern, especially for the elderly patients and critically ill patients with mobility
restrictions. Hence, the topic of concern for this project is relevant, and addresses one of
the most impactful aspects associated with patient safety in the health care environment
after health care associated infections (Matarese et al. 2015).
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