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Criminal Justice - Assignment

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Added on  2022-08-12

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Rape and statutory crimes are extremely challenging to prosecute. Research any county or state and find two articles where the county or state has or is currently prosecuting a defendant for rape or statutory rape. Post links to the articles at the bottom of your post. Discuss the circumstances of each of the cases. Why are these types of crimes are so difficult to prosecute? Integrate a Christian worldview perspective to support your discussion.

Criminal Justice - Assignment

   Added on 2022-08-12

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Criminal Justice
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Criminal Justice - Assignment_1
Many scholars are of the view that rape and statutory crimes are very challenging for the
purpose of prosecution. In this paper, to find out the reliability of the above-mentioned
statement, two articles will be reviewed where the county or state is presently prosecuting a
defendant for committing rape or statutory rape.
Link 1:
In the first article reviewed by me, a man of Fort Myres was arrested in December 2017
for committing a shocking rape which happened 22 years ago. The officers of the police
department arrived at his home and asked for a swab of his DNA to be matched with DNA
obtained years ago. The man afterwards arrested by the police for committing rape but no
charges have been filed against him with the office of State Attorney. It was not until his court
date that he learned that no charges had been brought due to a lack of sufficient evidence and
cooperation with the victims. The office of the sheriffs was challenged after additional analysis
of the article about backlogging DNA about which they had no knowledge. However, the DNA
was collected before 22 years ago after happening of the incident and in 2016, it was delivered to
the Law Enforcement Department of Florida for examination. As at the time of that incident, the
victim was aged about thirteen only. Therefore, she did not remember the involved person. As
per the news report, the teen has been captured by three people, taking her to a filth road, raping
her and leaving her on the road unclothed ("Fort Myers man arrested in 1995 rape after DNA
links him to crime", 2020). The risk of DNA exposure, which took several years ago, and
survivor claims, can be very tough to prosecute for cold rape cases. The DNA seemed to be a
sort of match in this case, which is how they could get an arrest warrant, yet was checked further
by the Office of State Attorney, which refused to prosecute because of insufficient proof.
Criminal Justice - Assignment_2

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