CSC A20: Exercise 5 Submission


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CSC A20: Exercise 5Due: 11.59 p.m., Wednesday 9 NovemberWhat to hand inSubmit one file, which must be named "e5.py" (without the quotation marks).Check that file name!Once you have submitted, be sure to check that you have submitted the correct version; new or missing files will not be accepted after the due date. Spelling of filenames, including case, counts.If your file is not named exactly as required, your mark will be zero.If you realize you have submitted an incorrectly named file, just fix the name and resubmit. There is no need to get rid of the wrongly-named file.Watch that clock!We will mark the newest version submitted not later than the deadline. Don't submit just once; instead, submit at least once well in advance, so that you know what you're doing, and then keep submitting new versions as you do more of the exercise. That way, if you run out of time on the last function that you just can't do,you'll still get marks for the others.What to put ine5.pyYou are to write the functions listed in the filestarter.py, leaving your code in the filee5.py. You will be working with the same data file as lab 7. Download the filetemperature.csvand place in the same directory as youre5.py. You may write the functions in any order you like. We list them here as well for your convenience.Function NameDescriptionopen_temperature_file(str):Open the file of the given filename. Read past the first three lines and return the open file.get_month_list(file, int):Return a list of temperatures for the given month for all years with data in the given file, where the month is an int between 0 and 11, representing January to December, respectively. For example for the temperature.csv file, January's temperatures would return [24.7, 16,1, 10.4, 21.5, 19.1, 14.0, 8.4, 11.2, 13.4, 22.5, 17.6, 20.4]avg_temp(file, int):Return the average temperature for the given
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