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Reflective Journal Paper 2022

Write a reflective journal entry addressing key issues relating to cultural diversity and analyze how to apply key concepts/theories to live together harmoniously in a multicultural country and shared house.

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Added on  2022-09-21

Reflective Journal Paper 2022

Write a reflective journal entry addressing key issues relating to cultural diversity and analyze how to apply key concepts/theories to live together harmoniously in a multicultural country and shared house.

   Added on 2022-09-21

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Reflective Journal
The reflective journal aims to put forth my reflection about the ways cultural
amalgamation can take place in the world. The reflective journal deals with the topic and
provides a practical approach to it. Further, through this paper I am also going to suggest
certain strategies which could be implemented while staying together with people of varied
backgrounds and culture.
Cultural Differences
As the world is becoming more integrated with the borders melting, and the people
from various culture coming together in a common platform for both professional as well
personal objectives, the differences in their lifestyle and approach is becoming more evident.
The advent of globalisation requires us to amalgamate our differences and work towards a
common approach. As proposed by Ien Ang’s (2001), the simpler it may sound, the more
complex is the process. People come with their own interpretation and perspective to things
which are often fuelled by the way they were brought up or the norms prevalent in their
culture. I used to think United States as a culture which has acceptance to people coming
from varied background, but got a shock when I became friendly to an American who
recently shifted her base to Australia. As Australians, we are direct in our conversation and
tend to be less diplomatic or politically correct. However, the same thing was misconstrued
when I told the friend on her face that her elocution skills needs to be improved to score high
in debates. The friend got offended and told me that I am being rude. I did not want to offend
her in any way and felt that the interpretation of my words were done as per her culture and
norms, which is otherwise quite normal in Australia.
Border Crossing
As more and more people cross the borders and live in other countries for their
professional commitments, it has become necessary to forget the differences and work
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together as one cohesive unit. As conceptualised by Henry Giroux (1992), invisible borders
in our mind can create hindrance in living together in peace with people from diverse
backgrounds. The border crossing can be an apt strategy to implement when we are dealing
with people from other cultures. It will assist us in demolishing the pre-conceived notions and
assumptions which hinders us to see things in the same light as that of others. Further, the
concept also coaxes people to letting go of the judgements we form based on the people
conduct and appearances, and try to know them better so as to have a better understanding of
their perspectives and beliefs. This will be immensely beneficial in demolishing the cultural
barrier between us and help to live together harmoniously. The strategy could be
implemented in the case of the American friend and we both could have made an effort to
know each other better, while being non-judgemental in assessing each other’s conduct. She
could have been less critical of my way of advising her, while I could have been less vocal in
giving her suggestion.
Another strategy that can assist in breaking ice between different cultures is by
engaging in dialogues and facilitating collaborative communicative activity. As mentioned by
Romney, dialogue initiates understanding and strengthens the relationship between two
people as they communicate openly with the aim of refurbishing deep ingrained beliefs and
opinions hindering the collaborative process (Romney, 2005, p. 2). As a progressive society,
we should aim to inculcate an inclusive environment in not only our workplace but also in
every sphere of life. Communication is the first step in building a healthy relationship with
our peers and colleagues. Thus, while interacting with people from different culture we can
attain a great understanding and come to know their culture better through a positive
communication channel. Further, any misconception or myth about their culture could also be
addressed through this collaborative process.
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