Current Practice Analysis for Mobile Technologies

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Current Practice Analysis forMobile technologiesList your names here followed by a comma and your email address:Jane Smith,
AbstractThe mobile technologies had referred to the concept of services, type of devices, OS, and applicationsand the changes that had been occurring to these factors. The mobile technologies would be helpfulfor the alignment of the successive development and implementation of the activities favouring theutilization of the operations. The study of the literature had helped in understanding that the mobiletechnology was founded for supporting the deployment of the improved communication. The alignmentof the activities was largely deployed for building of the implementation of the activities favouring thealignment of the successful integration development. The analysis also helped in developing theutilization of the comparing the practices of both current practices and literature. The development ofmobile technologies had brought about the deployment of 4g services, Smartphone, and AndroidPlatform. It has found its application in multiple fields and processes. The alignment of the activitieshad also formed the utilization of the operations for development of the activities aligning the use ofthe technology innovation and development of the operations. The study had tended for forming theimplication of the improved operation development. The technology innovation had supported thedeployment of the activities favouring the utilization of operations.
IntroductionThe following assignment is a proper literature review document that would be helpful for thealignment of the operations for successful activity development. The topic for the study was based onthe alignment of the successive development of the activities favouring the alignment of the proposeddevelopment methods. The inclusion of the operations was also helpful for forming the utilization ofthe mobile technologies. The deployment of the activities would also be helpful for the analysis of thesuccessive management of the operations for aligning with the improved operation development. Themobile technologies have been largely deployed for forming the utilization of the operations forimplementing the alignment of the activities for forming the deployment of the operations.The mobile technology development had been largely growing since the last few decades andthe alignment of the activities were responsible for the implication of the support and development.The growth of mobile technology had changed the concept of services, type of devices, OS, andapplications. The easy growing technology was supported by the implication of the activities forfavouring the utilization of the operations. The analysis had shown that the contemporary mobiledevices were heavy and keypad based. Later on the innovation brought about the changes in thedeployment of the activities. The analysis was based on the technology innovation and developmentof the activities for the management of the telecommunications. The latest technology had covered theimpact of innovation for the mobile technologies resulting in screen touch technology, faster internetconnection, and multi-uses of the devices.Literature analysisAccording toSzary and Giraut (2015), mobile technologies havebeen developed for easing the methods of communication and alignmentof the successive development of the operations. The analysis of themobile technologies has been aligned for the utilization of the effectiveoperations and it would form the free conversation for the alignment ofthe effective development of the operations. The successive alignment ofthe mobile technology development would be helpful for the continuationof the successive integration operations. The analysis had been helpful forcontinuing the study of the contemporary development of technology.The implication of the improved technology had supported the growth andincrement of the mobile learning (Bar, Weber and Pisani 2016). Theadvent of mobile technology innovation had supported the utilization ofthe improved devices like cell phones, tablets, and Smartphone. Thedevices have been more powerful with the passage of time. The deviceshave eased the implementation of the activities favouring the utilizationof the improved operation development. The devices had favoured thealignment of the successive sharing of information and accessing requireddata.Hsieh (2018) have stated that the initial mobile phones were treatedas the medium for communicating. The mobile technologies involve theuse of mobile towers for transferring information from the one user end toanother. The mobile technologies use the special frequencies forconnecting the channels of communication and displaying message of ‘NoSignal’ in case there is no signal connection. The mobile technologies usethe radio technology in respect to binary information. The conversion ofinformation in terms of binary (0 and 1) would help the alignment ofimproved frequency modulation.Mobile AccessTechnologiesMouza (2017), have pointed out that three technologies have been predominantlybeing used for the communication process in mobile devices. The technologies areFrequencyDivision Multiple Access (FDMA), Time Division Multiple Access (FDMA), and Code
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