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Jack Applicant
125 Business Rd.
Business City, U.K 56789
21 November 2018
Robert Lee
Team Leader
Facility Management & Maintenance
125 Business Rd.
Business City, U.K 56789
Dear Mr. Jack
I’m writing to you as I’m interested within your Company as I am applying for your
Assistant site manager and maintenance supervisor) position as posted on the careers page of
your website, Career.com as I have Experience in Site Manager Trading in Construction Industry
in London area worked from ten years (2006-2018) my main duties are recruiting as well as
training and also motivating the employees. I believe that I will be an asset to your development
team. I can also enjoy as a challenge and although I work here for a long time, so I prefer to
work in your company to get some new experiences as well as growth a team, that is one reason
why I want to apply to your company. I worked as a team leader, so I have a good understanding
of all the leadership qualities, also I have visiting with the sub-contractors and assures Painting,
trading as well as decorating ad plastering as I have so much experienced about last past years.
Your requirements match my skills. For example:
I’ve attached my resume, so you can see the projects I worked on as well as more details
on my experience as a Team leader in Management and Maintenance Feel free to call me - 666-
6666-666 or send me an email at Jackapplicant92@email.com. Thank you for providing me your
time as well as consideration. I would be thrilled to be a part of your team, also I look forward to
speaking with you soon.

Jack Applicant (signature hard copy letter)

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