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Assignment on Dangerous Goods: Compliance

Submission instructions for Module 2 Practical Assessment 1 for the Diploma of Logistics course.

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Added on  2022-08-25

Assignment on Dangerous Goods: Compliance

Submission instructions for Module 2 Practical Assessment 1 for the Diploma of Logistics course.

   Added on 2022-08-25

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Diploma of Logistics
Module 2 Practical Assessment 1
Submission Instructions:
Key steps that must be followed:
1. Please complete the Declaration of Authenticity at the bottom of
this page.
2. Once you have completed all parts of the assessment and saved it (eg. to
your desktop computer), login to the Monarch Learning Management
System (LMS) to submit your assessment.
3. In the LMS, click on ’Submit Dip Logistics Module 2 Assignment’ in the
Module 2 section of your course and upload your assessment file/s by
following the prompts.
4. Please be sure to click ‘continue’ after clicking ‘submit’. This
ensures your assessor receives notification – very important!
Declaration of Understanding and Authenticity *
I have read and understood the assessment instructions provided to me in the Learning Management
System. I am aware of where to find the assessor’s feedback for the assessment. I am aware of the
appeals process, should the need arise. I also understand I must be assessed as ‘satisfactory’ in all
parts of the assessment to gain an overall satisfactory result for this unit of competency. I understand a
person found responsible for academic misconduct will be subject to disciplinary action (refer to
Student Information Guide).
I certify that the attached material is my original work. No other person’s work has been used without
due acknowledgement. I understand that the work submitted may be reproduced and/or communicated
for the purpose
of detecting plagiarism.
Student Name*: Date:
March 2019
Assignment on Dangerous Goods: Compliance_1
* I understand that by typing my name or inserting a digital signature into this box that I agree and am
bound by the above student declaration.
March 2019
Assignment on Dangerous Goods: Compliance_2
Activity 1
Dangerous goods: compliance
Note: You’ll need to refer to your position description and the Australian General Freight Co. CoR
policy document to complete these tasks.
It’s a busy day for you at the Australian General Freight Co. warehouse. You’ve got over a dozen
loads going out this morning, and everyone’s in full swing, from the forklift drivers to the loading
guys, and even the admin team in the office. Luckily the breakroom coffee machine is working!
20 large gas cylinders are being loaded on to a truck [ABC-123] (not open sided or trailer) to go
to a factory near Sydney.
The loading manager hands you a few bits of paperwork to sign off on, including the
consignment paperwork. On the consignment paperwork, you notice that the contents of the
load are described as chlorine gas. It’s not a type of load you’ve worked with before.
You instruct the loading manager to pause loading. Looking at the tanks, you notice a warning
label around the top of each tank. The label contains symbols that look like this:
1. What do the policies and procedures require you to do when transporting gases?
The vehicle must:
- Be equipped with fire extinguishers and minimal ppe as per table 12.2 ADG Code
version 7
- Have a load restraint system capable of preventing the load from dislodging during
normal conditions of transport
- Not have gas cylinders protruding more than 30% above the height of side gates of the
- Flammable and Liquid withdrawal cylinders should always be transported in upright
March 2019
Assignment on Dangerous Goods: Compliance_3
- U Regulators must be removed.
- Valves must be closed.
- Valve caps must be on
- Platforms or cradles that keep cylinders upright and secured when lifting mechanical
March 2019
Assignment on Dangerous Goods: Compliance_4

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