Data & Web Mining CA1.

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Data & Web Mining CA1 INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT: Literature Review For the purpose of this report, you are expected to carry out research to produce a Literature Review somehow related to one of the following topics:  Data mining and Knowledge Discovery  Mining Data Techniques and ApplicationsThis assignment should focus on particular aspects of your chosen topic and provide an in-depth review of these particular aspects. Some example topics of interest include, but are not limited to: Models and characteristics of state of the art Data Mining applications – are there certain frameworks, toolkits, languages etc. that result in more successful Data Mining results? Data Mining activities in social media.Text & Web miningData Mining in Financial Analysis.Data Mining in Retail Industry.Data Mining in Telecommunication Industry.Data Mining in Biological Analysis.Other Scientific Applications.Intrusion Detection.Development of Machine Learning algorithms to handle Big Data Ethical considerations regarding Data Mining vis-a-vis data protection and data privacy Methods of data mining for specific domains / problem areas / use casesAny data mining method not covered in the course: e.g. neural networks, random forests, clustering methods other than k-means, etc. Your paper should include: An overview of the topic you have chosen Individual sections for each of the key themes Conclusions you have drawn based on your research The paper should be of 3000 words - approx 6 PAGES (not including Cover Page, Table of Content & Bibliography) in length and should have the following characteristics: − 12pt font / Arial / Normal Line Spacing − Harvard Style Referencing − Images, charts, quotations, etc. should make up NO MORE than 25% of the contents You should draw on appropriate academic literature for your review. Tools like Google Scholar or NCI library will be of key value to achieve this.

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