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Running head: DATABASE DEVELOPMENTDATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor note
DATABASE DEVELOPMENT1Answer 1The purpose of the databaseEvery organization deals with huge amount of data that are present in written or in theform of electronic data and stored in databases. These data help the organization to keep track ofeach employee or the activities that occurs inside those organizations.College or university is atype of organization, where the number or data per number of person is higher than any otherorganization. One such database developed for the purpose is ‘the Student InformationDatabase’, which is used by the colleges or universities to keep track of student informations,course informations and lecturer or professor’s informations (Sil et al., 2012). In this global ageof academics, students from every continents come to study in a college, which hasmultidisciplinary group of professors that teaches a diverse group of subjects to those students.The prime purpose of colleges to use database to store information is storing every students data,enrolled under regular or distance courses, their campus location, their study materials, theirclass lectures and their semester data so that students or teachers can access those data fromevery corner of world conveniently (Picciano, 2012).Answer 2The entities of the database and the attributes of entityThe Student information database developed for colleges have different entities andattributes. Entity is a table of one or more objects or person or thing present in the database.These tables are related to the organization or its process and can have multiple attributes underthem. Attributes are the collected data about the entity, person, object or place, which is stored in
DATABASE DEVELOPMENT2the database for further application (Ambler, 2012). The entities present in the studentinformation database are list of the courses, time and location, location of campuses, buildings orroom numbers, the description of course, prerequisites, and the number of semesters. The lectureor class notes or every week, name of the departments, professors, their titles and salaries,student information, classes, grades and semester results and finally the list of alumni membersand donations are also included. Student information entity would have attributes like student id,their name and date of birth, student information (address and phone number), grades, theirprevious marks, the courses they are enrolled in and future semesters they will feature on(Ambler, 2012). The professor’s information entity would have information about the professor,their professional and personal information, their expertise and the notes they provide in class.Similarly, course description and location will have information about the courses that are beingtaught in the college and what are the eligibility criteria to be enrolled in the course. These arethe entities and attributes the students information database acquires.Answer 3Business rules affecting the databaseWhile using a database for storing information about the institution, business rules areused to define the entities, attributes, relationships and constrains. These are used byorganizations against an explanation policy, procedure or principle and according to such rule,these data are significant only after business rules are defined and in the absence of those rules,the data present are records for the organization (Herbst, 2012). In the aspect of the Studentinformation database, the policies of the university (its policies and procedures) and the databaseclasses in several ways. The database has a student helpline number for national as well as
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