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DBMS stores data as a file, in this data is either stored in the

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DBMS stores data as a file, in this data is either stored in the hierarchical form or navigational form. The data stored in this is not normalized it means there is no relation present between the tables. Data redundancy is not present in the DBMS that there could be data duplicity present in this, in this data is not is not in integrated form because there is no relation between the tables of the structure and also data in each table is independent to other table because there is no common element between them.RDBMS store data in the tabular form and it uses attribute like primary key, foreign key to store the data as tables. The data present in tables are fully normalized and there is relation among the tables. Data redundancy is present over there and there is very minimal chance of data duplicity. In this data is in integrated form due to relation between the tables and data is not fully independent in the table.The advantage of DBMS are controlling redundancy that is in file system each file has full data and there will be case of data repetition in each file but there is central control data so minimize the redundancy, data integrity maintain easily, less chance of data inconsistency, data can shared easily, restriction to an unauthorized person and we can easily backup data.The disadvantage of DBMS is to make a database of a big project makes its structure very complex and it will be very difficult to understand the structure by another person, with complex database it also comes with the large size, performance can be poor in some circumstance, failure cost a high impact on the project and the cost of develop DBMS is much higher if compare t other.

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