Dementia in Aged Care


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Dementia in Aged Care
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Dementia is a neurodegenerative
It leads to gradual deterioration in
memory, cognitive skills, and
behavioural skills
Hamper in the neurological and
cognitive skills create barrier in
performing activities of daily
Dementia mainly affects older
people however it is not a part of
normal ageing
(World Health Organisation 2019)

Dementia in Aged Care in
As per the Australian statistics, nearly one
out of ten Australians in who are aged over
65 years is suffering from dementia during
the year 2016.
Nearly 354,000 Australian are estimated to
have dementia during the year 2016
Among the total number of dementia
patients in Australia, 52% of the patients
resides under the residential healthcare
settings and rest resides under in-patient
11,000 occurs in Australia due to dementia
making it second leading cause of death in
(Australian Institute of Health Welfare 2018)

Symptoms of Dementia
There are three stages of dementia like
Early stage
Inability to track time
Losing direction in familiar places
Increased sense of forgetfulness
Middle stage
Forgetting recent events and name of the near and dear ones
Becoming lost at home
Forgetting to take medicines
Requiring person care assistance while at home for conducting daily
living activities
Behavioural changes
Late stage
Becoming unaware of place and time
Having difficulty in communicating
Difficulty in walking
Increased need in assisted self-care
Difficulty in maintaining hand eye co-ordination

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