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Demetrius L. JenkinsA Summary of “Educational Testing Service (ETS) – April 2, 1943”By Jed Applerouth, PhD on January 6, 2006 in Jed Said, Test PrepHigher Education enrollment skyrocketed from 2 million students in 1951 to 3 million students in 1957 to 4 million students in 1961.“The era of national standardized testing was born”On April 2, the Army-Navy College Qualifying Test is administered to at least 316,000 high school seniors all over the country proving that standardized multiple-choice tests can be given to a mass group. This assessment involved 40 times the number of members as had any other test in the history of standardizedtestingHarvey Chauncey’s lucky stars were shining when the Army and Navy contracted him to conduct an Educational Testing Service (ETS) to 300,000 new recruits to help with officer selection during the Second World War.Through much political maneuvering, Harvey Chauncey, with the support of Conant and the College Board, set off to create a new institution to oversee all standardized testing in the country. The College Board, in a surprising move, funded the new ETS and gave it exclusive rights to administer its standardized tests. In exchange, the College Board would receive a cut from every test administered. ETS would administer the tests at a national level, the College Board would get kickbacks, and Chauncey would oversee the testing monopoly of the US.As more colleges considered using the SAT in their admissions decisions, the first thing these schools wanted to know was: how useful is this test as a predictor of academic performance?Proving test validity, that the test assesses what it is supposed to assess, was, and remains, one of the principal tasks of ETS. When you add in high school GPA, the validity coefficient rises to .5, indicating a 50% chance of predicting freshman GPAfrom SAT plus high school GPA. We now know that the SAT correlates as strongly

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