Formulation of National Standardized Testing Report


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April 2, 1943: Formulation of National Standardized Testing A test was administered by Army Navy College which provided multiple choice tests which canbe given to large number of people. The assessment comprised of members 40 times any othertest for standardized test. Navy and army contracted Harvey Chauncey’s for conductingEducational Testing Service for 300,000 recruits with help of selection officer in World War 2. After political maneuvering the College Board funded the ETS and gave rights to theadministrators and in return college received a cut from every time ETS was administered. Moreand more colleges wanted to utilize the test for the admissions but wanted to know theusefulness. Test was valid and it assessed what it was supposed to assess. University ofCalifornia become the largest and profitable client of ETS. This test have changed the ways ofacademia and society. April 8, 1947: The Kinsey InstituteThe Kinsey Institute, also known as Institute for Sex Research was founded on 8th April, 1947.He arrived at Indiana University in 1920 and used to teach courses related to family and marriageto the seniors students and married students. Viewing this as an opportunity, Kinsey gave anapplication for receiving research grant from National Research Council’s Committee (NRCC),for doing research in problems pertaining sex. He received the grant and more to come he startedcollecting data for the research and also assigned research assistants. But he was not content withthe results and thus asked the research staff to experiment sexually with one another. He waspersistent in his research and released Sexual behavior in Human Females. University survivedthe lawsuit and the publications of Kinsey’s regarding human sexual behavior exist in the KinseyInstitute for research.

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