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1.Description of user activities within the project3.1Outline any proposed activities involving (interviews, observation, focus groups, questionnaire etc. Include how participants are selected, included or excluded?)An interactive web application will be developed to allow participants to share recipes on the portal. Moreover, they can be given authority to delete or edit their uploaded recipe.3.2Where will the proposed activity/activities take place?The web application will be published online and can allow many participants to take place from different locations. There is no limit to location for this activity.3.3Who do you expect your participants to be? What will the age ranges of the participants be? What are you arrangements for dealing with vulnerable people, e.g. seeking consent of their parents/carers?The participants of the research are people of any age who can easily operate the Online Recipe System. There is a consent form that is to be signed by the participant before participating in the research.3.4What will the participants be asked to do?The participants will be asked to upload their recipe to the web application form. The users’ are also allowed to edit or delete their recipe.3.5What potential risks do the activities pose to you or your participant/s and how will they be overcome?There are several risks associated when a research has to be conducted. Following are the risks:1.Physical Risks: A way of research may affect the participant and involve physical risk like injuries and illness. To avoid such risks in research, a researcher must be aware of participant’s health.2.Psychological Risks: Sometimes a research subject may result disturbing to some participants resulting to anxiety, discomfort and other mental problems. So researcher musttake care of the questions or content showing to the participant.3.Social/Economical Risks: A participant truthfully needs to answer every question even if itis related to their personal and private lives. There is a high risk of data leakage that could risk their social lives. Researchers must provide high grade of confidentiality while storing data. They should make sure that no data is leaked that could risk someone’s social and economic life.4.Legal Risks: A research may include violation of laws that may result in legal issues. Researchers must not violate any law in order to stay safe from this risk.

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