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The Mqusetrap Powered Collision Avoidance Vehicle System

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Edith Cowan University Australia


Added on  2020-02-23

The Mqusetrap Powered Collision Avoidance Vehicle System


Edith Cowan University Australia

   Added on 2020-02-23

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PROPOSAL ON DESIGN ON THE MOUSETRAP POWERED COLLISION AVOIDANCEVEHICLE SYSTEMINTRODUCTION Many a driver have been critical of the current accident avoidance vehicle system. However, continuous researching by engineers have uncovered critical issues that are worth addressing. The solution to be adopted must at least meet all the expectations in the field. Top in the list, is the aspect of safety and efficiency. Safety guarantees confidence in the use of the system and ensures driver is in full control of the system. Now, the proposal presents a number of simple solution to the said problem from which models can be built and tested to confirm their usability and effectiveness. Certainly, the derived solution will greatly contribute to the development of redundant system. However, in this case, all electronics components are deliberately eliminated so that the focus is on the mousetrap mechanism. PROPOSED CONCPETSProduct Definition and Feasibility of Initial Concepts Selection of the mousetrap concept is a simple yet fundamental process by considering various operational and design parameters such as materials, size, versatility and redundancy. Therefore, four conceptual ideas are presented. In the first idea, the mousetrap is to be configured such that powering is on both wheels but with no brakes; in the second case, there is a segmental configuration of the mousetrap so that in each wheel powering is done differently from the other wheels and brakes are integrated. In the third case, mousetrap powering is done to the wheels both front and back wheels but no brakes are there. Lastly, in the fourth idea, the mousetrap powering is done in all wheels with brakes in both wheel, that is, front and back wheels. PRODUCT DESIGN SELECTION The selection criteria is used where evaluation is performed to choose the best solution given the product requirements and functionalities. In a nutshell, the criteria are based on the following: safety, material, redundancy, ergonomics, size and weight, Performance (speed, traverse deviation & braking capacity), Therefore, after a thorough evaluation process, the selected idea for further consideration is number 4 on the attached hand-drawn concepts.
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