Design Thinking: A Creative Solution to Problem-Solving


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Design and Creativity
What is Design
The priority of innovation has changed the
era from engineering driven solution to
design driven. With the association to
innovation process, design mindset is
becoming popular which reduces the
associated risks and insecurity in innovation
(Carlgren, Rauth, & Elmquist, 2016).
By analyzing:
Consumers and their demands
Technological implementations
Assists in business success
Design mind set develops the innovative
mindset to grow There will be new
opportunities when the people who utilize
different tools and methods to carry out
successful business operations (Landoni et
al., 2016).
It aims at generating innovative solutions
(Montgomery, 2017).
Benefits to
Brenner, W., & Uebernickel, F. (2016). Design Thinking for Innovation. Research and Practice.
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Landoni, P., Dell'Era, C., Ferraloro, G., Peradotto, M., Karlsson, H., & Verganti, R. (2016). Design contribution to the competitive performance of SMEs: The role of design innovation
capabilities. Creativity and Innovation Management, 25(4), 484-499.
Norman, D.A. and Verganti, R., (2014). Incremental and radical innovation: Design research vs. technology and meaning change. Design issues, 30(1), 78-96.
Design thinking solves the problem creatively.
The aspect of solving problem through design
thinking has become popular (Norman, &
Verganti, 2014). The major difference in
design thinking and other ways of solving is
how flexible is the solution to support
innovation. It offers and assists to design
thinking by giving ideas to gain competitive
advantage (Brenner, & Uebernickel, 2016).
What is
d ?
Design Thinking: A Creative Solution to Problem-Solving_1

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