Design Mindset: A Method for Problem Solving and Social Innovation


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Design Mindset
Design mindset is a method of
solving problems. It is a action
oriented towards a better future (
Schweitzer, Groeger, & Sobel, 2016).
The first step is to
research the problem.
Analysis the
problems and
In the end, design is
made with the
innovation for solving
the problem as per the
Implementation of
design (Mathur, Chun,
& Maheswaran, 2016).
Design mindset is
beneficial for people,
business, and technology
departments (Carlgren,
Elmqvist, & Rauth, 2016).
Design mindset is also useful for the
social website. It attracts the people
toward the social innovation (Brenner,
Uebernickel, & Abrell, 2016).
Brenner, W., Uebernickel, F., & Abrell, T. (2016). Design thinking as mindset,
process, and toolbox. In Design Thinking for Innovation . New
York; Springer, 3-21.
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in large organizations: Towards a research agenda. Swedish design
research journal, 11(1), 55-63.
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assessment of what we know and what we see in practice. Journal
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Psychology, 26(1), 142-152.
O'Keefe, A., & Rottenberg, S. (2017). Integrated Design Innovation: A Mindset for
Designers of Tomorrow. Design Management Review, 28(3), 10-16.
It includes the viability,
Desirability and Feasibility
(O'Keefe, & Rottenberg,
Mindeset focus
on human
values, and

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